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Halloween is back at Nevendon Manor in Wickford, Essex. Cursed in Essex is back with a few new twists for read more. The I' Scream factory is new from Hide and Shriek read more. Lockdown is a new zombie themed adventure set is a genuine prison read more. The award winning Horror Nights return to Europa Park. An expanded Zombie event held at Margate Winter Gardens read more.

Silent Hill Live is based around the popular video game franchise read more. Yorkshire Scare Grounds are back for their 5th year of fear read more. Phobophobia is back for with the freaks. But something weird is waiting for Michael The Halloween Adventure returns to Stockeld Park with three attractions read more. The Body Snatchers have set up home in York Dungeon. Dig up your dead! York Maze Hallowscream returns for with some really impressive scares read more.

Sindulgence is a new style of event at Hop Farm in Kent read more. Xtreme Scream Park at Twinlakes are back with a brand new prison themed maze read more. Scarenation takes on a new format for - Frightmare read more. It's all change at Alton Towers for Scarefest with new mazes and scarezones read more.

New event for Who will be found to be contagious? Fear at Avon Valley is back with a bang. Are you prepared to meet Frank? Hell in a Cell in Bristol is the scariest room escape adventure we have done! Dr Frights is back and is as crazy and scary as ever! Back for with two brand new mazes read more. Fear Fest is a brand new event near Chepstow including a nighttime zipwire. Scaresville is held in the grounds of Kentwell Hall read more. We've visited every year since What keeps us coming back?

House of the Dead is a brand new attraction for Manchester. Was it worth the wait? It's the first event to open for Halloween - and we were there! It's the biggest Zombie Uprising so far - we went along to kick some zombie ass! We braved Horror Camp Live for a night like no other read more. Terror 13 is an often overlooked attraction. Find out why it deserves a visit read more. The Edinburgh Dungeon has an unwelcome visitor this summer: read more. The York Dungeon welcomes Jack the Ripper for the summer season: read more.

Twisted Attractions are back with the UK's only multi room escape adventure read more. PuP events bring the Pit to Horrorcon Don't let go of the rope! Read more. Necropolis was a three day pop up scare event by Apocalypse Events read more. Set in a real prison, this was an overnight scare event with a difference read more. The Generation of Z: Apocalypse has landed in London.

There WILL be blood! A new overlay for the Blackpool Dungeon. Who will win the war of the Roses? We were in the first group to experience Cracked Survival Experience read more. Night Terrors by Secrets Beneath in Jersey read more. We love the UK Dungeons, but how do they do it in America? Trapped in a Room with a Zombie is a new room escape adventure in London read more. At London Bridge Experience, Death awaits you with huge pointy teeth!

A new anthology of spooky ghost stories has just opened in York read more. I'm A Celebrity is the new attraction at Thorpe park for read more. The Green Lady welcomes guests to the Edinburgh Dungeon in a new show read more. Pasaje del Terror in Blackpool surprised us with a new classic movie scene read more. We love hearing about non UK attractions. The show is fun and scary! The Circus of Horrors is back with Night of the Zombies.

Check out this years review read more. Scare Kingdom is back in with The Phantom Masquerade read more. Our annual review of the past year is now live. See what happened in and what's coming in Twisted Attractions latest show is a festive fright! Christmas is Cancelled! Necropolis: London's journey of the dead is new by Apocalypse Events read more. A great review and pictures from Walibi Park in Holland read more.

A Japanese Haunted House aimed at preschoolers but hosting some real scares! A brand new theatrical horror event has arrived in London read more. A new overnight event held in the Alton Towers ruins read more. Daiba Haunted School is a Japanese haunted house full of dead schoolchildren! Sega Joypolis is home to two "obake yashiki" - that's haunted house in Japanese! But did we win?

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The Mary Black trilogy comes to a terrifying end at Warwick Castle's annual event read more. Scarenation's Factory of Fear has had a full medical makeover The Halloween Adventure at Stockeld Park has 3 new attractions for read more. Nevendon Manor's annual Halloween event has to be seen to be believed read more. Silence descends on Jungleland Telford as Escape Entertainment present their new attraction read more. Fear Forest was a brand new event for with three new scare attractions read more. Cursed in Basildon boasts 8 different attractions.

Norfolk's biggest Halloween experience returns with five attractions for read more. Primrose Unknown projects are back in the Emergency Services Museum read more. Frightmare at Over Farm is back with it's original trailer ride. Hallowscream at York Maze is back with an incredible new time travel maze - read more. Something very strange happened at the London Bridge Experience this Halloween Nothing special or new for Halloween but some good solid scares throughout read more. The Master of Tricks has set up residence at the Home of Halloween read more.

Kent's most extreme scare attraction returns for more terror and the odd coffin or 2! Broadwitch Hauntfest returns in with the brand new Biometrix read more.

Meet ZoBo the Clown Dent School House - Cincinnati, Ohio

Sometimes the quiet ones are the best. How come we have never visited this before? Chessington World of Adventures have rebranded their event to Hall'o'ween read more. Dr Frights is back for its 5th year and the event just keeps getting better! No new mazes but the park has opened a brand new scare zone called Scary Tales read more. Screamfest Burton is back for with some new features read more. An Orlando classic has been reborn into a new and exciting experience read more.

Probably the World's most famous scare event. But is it actually scary? Shallow Grave opened last year and has been scaring Florida locals ever since. Horror Nights are back at Europa Park and so were we read more. Scare Kingdom Scream park returns with a mix of new and returning experiences read more. Tulleys Farm Shocktoberfest is back for with a new maze and some exciting new features read more. Thorpe Park Fright Nights return with new maze Studio Were we ready for our close up? The latest attraction from GNG Entertainment is no bad trip!

A brand new zombie experience from End of Days Events comes to Huddersfield read more. A unique review of a temporary maze in Tokyo, Japan read more. Tulleys Farm, the home of Tulleys Shocktoberfest have entered the zombie survival game market read more. The Carnivale has come to Edinburgh Dungeon for the summer read more. A brand new zombie survival event has just crashed into Chesterfield read more.

It's not a horror show but there will be blood. Bucket loads of it! The hit show from New Zealand has become the hit show of the Edinburgh Fringe read more.

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The Primrose Unknown Projects team are back with new live scares read more. We visited the last event before the company folded leaving many zombie hunters out of pocket read more. The city wide zombie survival game is back in even more cities! York Dungeon tries out late night opening with new adult audiences read more. The boat ride at the London Dungeon has had a makeover after just one year read more. A last minute venue change for this indoor zombie survival event.

A live zombie survival event in a genuine MOD "deserted village" read more. Caine, Who Am I is now running in Sheffield. But are the ghosts real? The latest show from Twisted Attractions. We were the first test subjects read more. Secrets Beneath unveil their 3rd scare attraction on the island of Jersey read more. Zombies, Airsoft guns and an abandoned warehouse - what more could we want? Henry the VIII is on the rampage and as we shelter in a church - surely nothing can go wrong?

The Foul Clenger has set up home in the Street of Sorrows - new for read more. The Zombie Boot Camp team present their most intense game ever The terrifying theatre show returns to London's West End. An Outbreak has hit Blackpool, but did it just leave us with an itch we coudn't scratch? A new show for Scare Kingdom and Psychomanteum returns read more. We love the UK Dungeon shows but how would we cope with a foreign language? Scare Kingdom's best two attractions return for the festive season.

The cult Swedish horror movie is now a critically acclaimed stage show read more. London Dungeon's new Christmas themed show. Did we see the Ghost? A brand new overnight hotel experience for read more. The inimitable Circus of Horrors are back with their new show - London after Midnight read more. The Welsh theme park is back with an adult only show - Theatre of Nightmares read more. Castle Point Ghost Tours returns for with a new show. York Dungeon have a new show as they become "The Home of Halloween" read more. The aliens have landed at Yorkshire Scare Grounds for read more.

Not a great year for GNG. Would Nightmare Circus buck the trend? A new walking tour at Clumber Park in Northamptonshire, home of the Grey lady ghost! The popular maze from Hop Farm finds a new home read more. A new zombie themed charity event in Lancashire read more. Warwick Castle's late night Halloween event returns for a 2nd year read more. An impressive independent haunt in Essex read more. Whilst in London we visited the scare attraction at Madame Tussauds read more.

The scare rooms return to Alton Towers, continuing the saga of Altonville Motel.. Re-branded as the Home of Halloween, what did London Dungeon have in store for us? East Anglia's biggest Halloween event returns for its fourth year read more. Despite some logistical issues with parking we were impressed with this Lancashire farm attraction read more. We returned to the Blair Witch overnight experience at Thorpe Park and had a much better time read more. The Chills come to Pleasurewood Hills theme park in Lowestoft read more.

A new version of the city wide zombie survival chase game in Leicester read more. A fun halloween event including two mazes, all set in a beautiful 17th Century castle read more. Evil Rising returns to Worcester to celebrate its first birthday! A brand new scare attraction from a new scare production company in Wales read more. Mission of Fear returns for its second year at Jungleland Telford read more. One of our favourite Halloween events is back with more scares for read more. Scare Kingdom Home to the infamous Pyschomanteum. Did we survive? A dark adventure in the giant "greenhouses" at the Eden project?

Twinlakes' Halloween event is back for a second year as an Xtreme Scream Park. Chessington Hocus Pocus A family friendly park with a surprisingly scary attraction. Also - new Mystery of Hocus Pocus Hall read more. Dr Frights Halloween Horror Night Back for its fourth year with two new mazes and some returning favourites read more. Broadwitch Hauntfest Willy Wonka, time travelling demons and crashing planes? Only at Broadwitch! A scare event held feet up in the air on the roof of the O2 in London read more. York Maze Hallowscream Hallowscream is back with a brand new story and some exciting new mazes read more.

Now in its second year in a spooky fort on the New Brighton seafront: read more. Screamfest Burton Screamfest returns with two brand new mazes from Andrew Porter read more. New for is an overnight experience at Thorpe Park themed to the Blair Witch Project movie read more. Thorpe Park Fright Nights Grab some popcorn and lets go to the movies! Welcome to Fright Nights at Thorpe Park. Kicking Halloween off in style is Birmingham's first scare maze.

The Dracula Experience This walk through attraction in Whitby retells the legendary story of Dracula read more. Chilling Chester A new theatrical ghost walk experience with a few extra scares along the way! St Michan's Vaults Venture underground to an historical vault filled with real mummies read more. Another version of the underground zombie survival game. What new terrors were about to chase us. Edinburgh Dungeon Summer Stink The new seasonal show was open in time for the festival.

Was it a stinker? Wolfmen The latest event from the team behind Zombie Boot Camp read more. The third incarnation of the Evil Rising brand and easily the scariest! Who ever said that camping was a peaceful and relaxing past-time? A new story for the Necrobus - the only London bus with actors and special effects read more. Zombie Blitz What's scarier? World War II Nazis or the zombies they create? A Frankenstein themed bar in Edinburgh? We had to visit! The Haunting A new show by a brand new scare attraction company. But what ghost would we see? The latest version of the game has been dubbed Asylum.

Is the show still as original and scary as it was? One of the Uk's scariest Dungeon attractions but is it bigger and bolder for ? Real Mary Kings Close A fascianting underground tour with a few spooky elements read more. Part scare maze. Part ghost train. ALL scary. See what we though of this new hybrid ride. The latest production from the talented team at Theatre of the Damned. Blackpool Tower Dungeon It's 15 years old but can it still scare us like it used to? Zombie Earth. A new city wide zombie chase game in Leicester boasting an incredible number of zombies!

An amateur production that would knock spots off most professional shows. Ravenwood Manor. The Sanctuary - Alton Towers. The Sanctuary is back for a limited time only and has had a small makeover! Syndrome by Massacre Productions. Syndrome - the debut attraction by Massacre productions. The doctor will see you now! The Circus of Horrors is back with their latest show - The Curse. But would Henry the Hoover come out?

The new London Dungeon. Check out our review of the new London Dungeon including exclusive pictures inside the venue read more. A new venue and a new story. How scared did we get this time? The London Dungeon - Last Rites. Located in Chaska, Minnesota ScreamTown is FOUR haunted attractions in one location that will scare the daylights out of you and have you begging for your life. You will find more information at, www.

This is just the beginning of the torment you will experience at this haunted house. We don't want to give too much away or everyone would be too scared to try. Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Mississippi. One of the scariest haunted houses in Mississippi is The Terror Test in Lumberton, Mississippi is a bone chilling, thrilling experience. Terror Test has been compared to being in a real live horror movie. Your terror levels will be pushed to the max once you enter the darkness.

Try not to scream, you will only make it worse. The Dungeon of Death could be your last stop, only if the zombies in the graveyard don't consume you first. If this haunted house doesn't scare you it might be because you are already dead. Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Missouri. Some of our favorite haunted houses in Missouri start with The Darkness in St.

Louis Missouri. Another haunted house in St. Louis, Missouri is Creepyworld, which is one of the biggest haunted scream parks in America. Find more about this attraction at www. Another haunted house in Columbia, Missouri is Necropolis the most intense haunted house in Missouri and has been completely re-designed for this coming year. Don't forget to check out our second attraction, Freakshow in 3D.

Necropolis and Freakshow in 3D are both convenietly located within walkind distance of downtown and all three College campuses. Learn more at www. Another haunted house in Missouri is Raycliff Manor, a catacomb of nightmares, a macabre maze of horror. Enter freely and of your own will. This may be your last contact with reality; you have now entered the world of spirits. Inside the manor a mad genius once discovered the secret of extracting fear from his victims as trophies for his collection of terror. Now those fears are trapped inside, waiting for those who are brave enough to enter. To learn more about Raycliff Manor visit their website at www.

Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Montana. One of the coolest haunted houses in Montana is, Kranz Haunted Asylum in Great Falls, Montana a REAL haunted house where you might not make it out alive and they promise to, "scare the crap out of you. Another of haunted house you may want to visit in Montana is, Field of Screams Haunted Ghost Town in Missoula, Montana on of the best haunted houses in the state. Filled with displays that will make you scream and all new the Gothic Dungeon something you dont want to miss find them online at, www. Another haunted house you will want to visit is, The Slaughter House in Billings a bone chilling haunted house where they LOVE having people for dinner If you think you are brave visit them on the web at, www.

A must see haunted house in Montana is, The Haunted Hallow not far from Billings in Glendive, Montana a indoor and outdoor haunted house that will scare the living daylights out of you. This haunted house makes sure you are afraid to go to sleep. Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Nebraska.

They have a full concession stand serving everything from candy to hamburgers, hot dogs and more, a Bonfire area with numerous bonfires going at once for you to warm up in between attractions, and outdoor entertainment all night long, including DJ Hatrixx LIVE on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights. Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Nevada.

The best haunted houses in Nevada are The Asylum Haunted House located in Las Vegas, which features breathtaking special effects, scary animations, tons of monsters and set design that is second to none. We have rated The Asylum in Las Vegas as one of the best haunted houses in the country and clearly the best in Las Vegas. Find them on the web at www. Find more information about Hotel Fear at www. One of the scariest haunted houses in New Hampshire is Fright Kingdom in Nashua, New Hampshire features two seperate haunted attractions in one location.

Bloodmare Manor and Psycho Circus. All of your worst nightmares will be brought to reality once you enter their gates. Screaming won't help it will only make it worse. Visit them online to see for yourself at www. Nightmare New England is another New Hampshire haunted house that you won't want to miss this year two attractions in one location. A massive 20 acre scream park where your worst fears are brought to life. Think you can sirvive being buried alive, at Nightmare New England they put you to the test and do just that, you will smell the decay feel the bugs and the terror doesn't stop there.

If you don't think you can handle it maybe you should stop by during the day for a less scary expereince for deatils visit their website at, www. Four seperate haunted attractions including Skeleton Saloon and Hotel where the guests that didn't survive before you lurk to show you just how burtial their deaths were.

If that doesn't having you running a quarter mile walk through the woods at night where mass murders are in search of their next victims might. To see more click here www. What you will see once you are inside is like nothing you have ever seen before. You won't know if it is your eyes seeing ghost of real monsters there to attack you. Click here for more details www.

In Gilford, New Hampshire you will find Morbid Mountian taking you through three seperate haunted mazes where if you get lost your soul will never be found. All three of these terrifying mazes come to you at one low price. Monster will chase you. Zombies will try and eat you and chainsaw mass murders will try to kill you. Run as fast as you can. Don't believe us visit them online to see for yourself at www. Only the brave will survive this hair raising haunted house. Once you are in the dark monsters will chase you, ghost will torment you.

You will want to close your eyes and run, but that isn't a good idea, once your eyes are closed the horror will find you. See more here www. Visit Albuquerque's scariest Haunted House which changes most of the attraction from year to year with new sets, scenes, and screams. Lisa Dr. This is a home haunt with a large collection of Hollywood props and recreations.

Frightworld in Buffalo, New York is one of the scariest haunted houses in the state with FIVE unique haunted houses in one location including House of the Dead where the dead roam looking to cause trouble. Wicked Woods where you will need to watch for the warewolf looking for his next feast. Return of the mummys curse where thousands of souls are released to find who spread the virus. For more information about this awesome haunted house click here www. A one mile haunted hayride where you will want to hold on, or you may be eatn alive.

A Labtrinth corn maze where you will be hunted and two of the scariest haunted houses. Click here if you are brave enough www. Kevin McCurdy is one of Americas has one of Americas most twisted minds and he presents Kevin McCurdys Haunted Mansion in Poughkeepsie, New York scaring the crap out of New York for more than 30 years with his high tech effects and spine tingeling story lines. This is one haunted house you don't want to skip.

You will scream like a baby. Visist the website at www. Venture your way through the decrepit House Of Horrors, where zombies, demons, vampires, psycho killers, and the living dead hungry for flesh will be creeping around every corner. In New York City you will stumble upon Blood Manor haunted house you can scream, but it won't matter, nobody can hear you, they are all dead just like you soon will be too.

The boody scene inside will make you wish you had never entered this haunted house where knife carrying ghosts who didn't invite you in will having you dying to get out. Here they are brining the bad to life. This is a scare you will not soon forget, if you dare click here to visit their website www.

If haunted hayrides haven't scared you in the past then you haven't been to Double M's Haunted Hayride in New York where you are taken for a 40 minute hayride to hell and back where you will see gruesome creatures in search of more victims. Check out all they have offer on their website www. Besides the haunted houses Bayville has a lot of other fun entertainment that you can give a go IF your survive their Temple of Terror or Evil in the Woods where evil is looking for you.

Evil is lurking behind the walls and will slowly creep up from behind and get you if you aren't aware of all that is happening around you. Keep your eyes and ears open or you could be the next to not make it out alive. Check them out here www. If you survive the Haunted Mansion give yourself a go ar the Night Time Corn Maze but don't look back or you won't make it out alive. Also in Long Island you will find the Bayville Haunted Fire House where you will travel into the world of the undead and get a glimpse into what the world looks life For more look here www.

Trapped in Purgatory in Staten Island will show you what it really feels like to to trapped between the world of the living and hell. Sister haunt The Slaughterhouse shows you what its like to be one of the animals butchered to death on a table. You will not believe the horro that you will find inside these haunted houses. In upstate New York check out Frankensteins Fortress with over live actors everynight this nationally recongized haunted house has terror around every turn.

This is the ultimate scare in New York. Click here to more details about this haunted house and where to find them www. The island that suddenly disappeared hundreds of years ago as re-emerged and horrifying events have been going on ever since. Skull Island Screampark Your Halloween should begin at Terror Dome in Newburgh, New York a family friendly haunted event that also boasts three haunted attractiosn for those who think they are brave enough to try.

See what else they have to offer on their website www. For more details click here www. Michael Meyers will chase you, and Jeepers Creepers is thirsting for new victims and remember don't look into the ring or it will be the end. Visit their website for more at www. With three haunted attractions in one location if you weren't scared before, you will be after a trip through here, that is, if you make it out alive.

You will be begging for your life when the chainsaw toting zombies are chasing you through a corn field, and you won't know which way to turn.

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  • Run as fast as you can or you might not make it. Another can't miss haunted hosue is Nightmare on Scales Street in Reidsville, North Carolina is a 25 room haunted house based on the true story of 8 murders. Think you have what it takes to brave the horrific scenes of this haunted house visit their website to see at www. Forbidden Hollows in Taylorsville, North Carolina this haunted house has several attractions that will scare the daylights out of you. If you think you are brave try it alone, although we dont recommend it.

    Click here for more information, about this haunted house if you think you are brave enough. More than just a haunted house it is a Halloween event that all can enjoy. A haunted expo for everyone to enjoy. Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Ohio. This is one of the largest most elaborate haunted houses in the nation. The actors and animatronic in this haunted house are second to none. If you are in the area you can not afford to miss this. Terrortown in Toledo where you will be down right startled by the props and animatronics.

    To see what other scares they have in store visit their website at www. Heistand Haunted Woods in Van Wert, Ohio puts you in a Claustrophobic room where you will feel the walls moving in on you and you will be trapped, you throat will get tight and the air will get thick. You can scream but no one will hear you. Ghostly Manor in Sandusky, Ohio- Ghosts lurk in every corner as you wander through this "old mansion. You have been warned about being scared but that this warning seriously. This is one haunted house that will scare the crap out of you.

    Prison of the Evil Dead haunted house near Mansfield, Ohio there is no excape from this haunted house. High intensity scares, longer than ever before with more freakish animatronics than ever before coupled with actors who know how to do their job this haunted house in raising the bar for Ohio. Housed in what used to be a fully functioning prision This is a haunted house like no other.

    Professional actors and state of the art technology. Take a peek into hell at www. Another great haunted house in Ohio is in Akron, Ohio. Two haunted houses in one location-The Haunted School House and The Haunted Labatory combined for seven floors of frightening experience. You will hear noises like you have never heard before, see gruesome sights you thought were only possible in the movies. So scary you won't be able to sleep. Located 80 feet below ground this haunted house brings to life the real creatures that only live in the darkness below the soil.

    Thousands of bats are lurking on the walls waiting to suck your blood. Getting in the cave is easy, trying to find your way out may kill you. Samuel VonHain has gone insane and feeds off the fears of those who enter his haunted house. He is in search of new souls to please his hunger. Be brave or you soul will be removed to forever be trapped in Nocturnal Terror.

    Check out more at www. Land of Illusions haunted house in Middletown, Ohio is four haunted attractions including Dr. Physcos Haunted Estates where blood thirsting vampiers are looking for new victims and torch wheilding monsters are looking to attack the weak souls. Be prepared to be scared when you make plans to go to this haunted house. Kiss you loved ones good bye, you may never return www. Spooktacular Nights in Cleveland, Ohio four haunted attractions for the whole family to enjoy. The Haunted Hayride you feel the suspense and hear screams.

    Inside the haunted barn you will hear strange noises that will make you question your enterence. Next up is Night Creepers which will cause sleepless nights because of the fear it instills. The whole famil can enjoy the Family Fun House. The Legends of Horror haunted house near Dayton, Ohio bring your scariest nightmares to become your worst reality. What is your worst fear? Being helplessly lost in the woods? You will face all of your fears here. This could be your last screa, Check them out here www.

    Another Toledo haunted house is Chainsaw Creek haunted house for haunted attractions in one location. You will see things in this haunted house that haunted you as a child in your sleep. The Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio brings hisotry to life as you relive the horror 30 school childrens deaths. Blood shed comes from every corner of this haunted house, you will hear the swing sets swinging that the children once played on. Make sure you clean up after yourself or the ghost of the janitor will have you cleaning for an eternity.

    Get more information here www. With the combination of these three haunted happening you will be begging for your life. You will see things that will make you gasp for air. The actors at this haunted house really know how to do their job. Click for more www.

    Wells Township haunted house in Briliant, Ohio is another great haunted house you should visit. Located in a building that itself is truely haunted and has been standing for year it is full of haunted happening for years. Things happen inside this house and most are unexplainable.

    Check out their website www. Terror Town in Maumee, Ohio where terror is waiting for you. Try to excape before you are supposed to and you might have to pay with your life. Terror is waiting behind the walls of every twist of this creepy and freaky haunted house.

    Finally, a Canadian subscription box made just for women

    Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Oklahoma. In Drumright, Oklahoma you will find one of the most horriying haunted houses in the state Scream Country Haunted Forest. Located deep in the Oklahoma woods where terror hides and is waiting for you. Only the brave survive the terrible things that will happen on the 40 acres of land where no one will hear you screaming for help and begging for your life. Visit them here www. You will find yourself submerged in the grim reality of what horror really is.

    This haunted house is much darker and more twisted that imaginable, you won't find characters out of movies only the story of a real life life haunting. Feel the sheer terror at www. Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Oregon. Located near Portland this is the go to haunted house if you are looking for top class scares. Not everyone who enters will make it to see the end. Creatures you have only dreamed about will come out at night to haunt you. Blood thirting monster are looking for new souls to call their own.

    This haunted house is not for the faint of heart. Check out more on their website at www. They have been in business for 19 years and the scares kepping getting better and better. Covered waiting area so stop by and get scared. Circus of Screams in Eagle Point, Oregon helps support a local performing arts project by scaring the crap out of people. Some of your worst nightmares wil be brought to life right before your eyes all for a good cause. For more information check out their website here www.

    This is a scares for all ages event. To see how you can help click here www. This haunted house will fill you with fear and will have you asking yourself whether or not actors are scaring you or if it is a real ghost. Check out their website at www. In Aurora, Oregon Butteville Manor haunted house is also in a house that is presumed to be inhabited by spirts that have not crossed to the "other side. See more on the website here www. Oregons only 18 and older Viral Damnation Haunted House is for adults only because of the scares that are provided, the language used and some of the scenes you will see.

    No one under the age of 18 will be allowed in. Highly trained actors provided some of the best scares you will ever see. Scream at the Beach haunted house in Portland, Oregon is a Halloween event for all ages. For those who are brave you will be dared to enter the haunted house and make it out alive. Also includes, live shows, rides, concessions and much more.

    Halloween Haunted Egyptian Tombs brings the lives of the egyptians to reality in this haunted house, if you aren't careful you might be the next mummy haunting and chasing patrons as they too try to survive the curse that is spread inside these doors. In Hubbard, Oregon you will find Milburn's Manor haunted house and you might just stumble out because you will be so scared once you get to the exit. This is a truely scary classic haunted house. In adition they have a moonlight pumpkin patch where you can pick out your familys pumpkin to take home and remember you night at this haunted house check them out here www.

    Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Pennsylvania. Once you are inside this haunted house you will have to find clues to help you escape with your life. There are paranormal activites happening all around you. This haunted house will have you looking over your shoulder for days, that is, if you make it out. There is no time to relax once you enter this haunted house, you will find yourself trapped in small rooms and screaming for your way out. Click here to visit their website www.

    Many still wander the halls at night, you can hear their chains as they look for their missing cellmates. Keep your eye open for the inmates that are still there. For more about Eastern State Penitentiary click here www.

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    When the lights go out, the frights come out. You will hear gruesome sounds as you twist and turn your way through the morbid halls of this house. Shocktoberfest Haunted Park near Philedelphia is yet another great Pensylvania haunted house you will want to pay a visit to. Voted as one of the best attractions by Hauntworld the Magazine once you are inside you will experience 6 of the scarest haunted attractions ever made. This is just the beginning.

    Check out their website to see the other spine chill events going on at www. One location, FOUR attractions. You have never been this scared before-the horror you will face behind these walls are things you dreamed of as a child coming to eat you from under your bed.. Try all four if you dare.

    York Maze Hallowscream

    Think you are brave, you won't be after you experience the "Hall of Nightmares" where all of your nightsmares come to life. This is a no holds bar kind of haunted house where they go to extremes to make sure that even the toughest of men cry for their mothers. Spook Haven haunted house in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania three attractions under one roof. Spook Haven is the story of what has happened to the workers in the old Clinton Paper Company. Come see why the warehouse sat empty for so many years. The souls of the men and women who used to work there are still inside where they will remain for eternity.

    They want you to see the torture they felt. LuLu Shriners House of Horrors Once inside you will hear the bloody screams of those who entered before you and are trying to escape. House in the Hollow haunted house in Newtown, Pennsylvania a haunted hayride and haunted house on one location. You will travel through a haunted corn maze where monsters and goblins are waiting for the weak to fall off and consume their souls. Inside the haunted house there is terror around every turn.

    You can run, but you can't hide. See what else they have going on at www. Haunted Hills Estate in Uniontown, Pennsylvania on a acre farm full of fright. Once owned by the Hill family where the lead a happy life, until Mrs. Hill ws found haning in the barn. The bodies of his 13 children were later discovered spread across the land.

    The ghost of 14 still wander the farm at night. You will feel the chills from the moment you arrive. See more of the story and how to get tickets at www. The Haunted Mill near Lancaster, Pennsylvania you will be lead to the smell of death through the darkness to the Mad Scientists Lab where he is always looking for new patients to operate on and your remains will be consumed by the wild dog let loose and looking for dinner.

    You will be lead to The Dark Zone Click here to see if you can survive www. Altered Nightmares in Weissport, Pensylvania invites you inside the factory to expereince the paranormal activity for yourself. For 13 hours you can travel with a paranormal investigator to learn the stories of the ghost that lie within these walls. For infotmation on how you can be a part of this click here www.

    Arnold Scare World in Oaks, Pennsylvania features two intense high action haunted houses in one location. You will be screaming your head of, or maybe it will be chopped of? More than just a haunted house you can stay to be entertained by their family fun center if you can make it out of the haunted house for more visit them here www. Gravestone Manor in Plains, Pennsylvania provides percent of their profits to local charities.

    You won't find any chainsaws, air horns or hockey mask wearing mad men inside here You will experience an interactive story line that tells you the story of a myterious disaperance of a young girl who is lost somewhere in the woods. Can you help find her?! Check them out online www. Voted one of Americas best haunted houses. The Creeper is lurking the grounds in search of this next victim, find him before he finds you, or you'll be sorry.

    Thos host over 12, square feet of sheer terror that will leave you begging to get out once you are in the Halls of Mayhem Extreme Maze-you won't know which way is out as zombies chase you as your try to escape. For more details go to www. Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Tennessee. In Nashville, Tennessee you might stumbl into the Slaughterhouse but you will never make it out alive.

    With mind numbing scenes and acotrs around every turn they will make your worst nightmares a reality as you beg for your life. Chainsaw toting butchers are looking for fresh bodies to hang from the ceiling. Demon's Den House of Horrors also in the Nasville area one of the scariest haunted houses in the state where the monsters inside have been infected with a deadly VIRUS and they are looking for the weak to bring into their dark ravages to destory their souls.

    Evil is lurking on the other side of the walls and it smells your innocent soul. Visit them online if you are brave at www. FrightWorks Haunted House in Knoxville, Tennessee and intense in your face haunted house that will leave you begging for your life. The monsters you will encounter once you are inside are relentless with their scares.

    Around every twist and turn is a new frightful scene that will have you running and screaming. Check out their website here www. In Memphis is Nightshar Manor Haunted House where you are brought into the darkness with some of the most horrifying blood thirtsing creatures that will have you screaming for help. Look them in the eye and they will make you pay with your life. You will here trapped souls of the undead beating on the walls, trying to escape, don't try to help then or your soul will be next behind the wall.

    Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in Texas. This haunted house is so intense that the visitors who survive are thankful they can live to tell about it and warn others. You are surrounded by complete darkness and creatures you only dreamed about as a child are crawling all over waiting to claim their next victim to try to escape.

    Think you are brave enough? Also in the Forth Worth area is Hangmans House of Horrors haunted house Four haunted attractions in one location where you will be submerged by the dead and their vicious deaths will be replayed for you and you see them slowly mutilated by the tormented souls that inhabit these haunted houses. New victims are always being saught out. Don't look back or you could be next www. The House of Torment in Austin, Texas featured in Hauntworld the Magazine in is one of the best in the nation known for its innovative and over the top scares.

    You will come face to face with monster dropping from above and illiousions that will make you question your sanity. Another Austin scare can be found at Mansion of Terror two gorey haunted houses that will keep you awake for nights with the gruesome sights you will see and experience. Featuring Death Asylum-zombie Carnage where you will witness some of the most mentaly ill zombies who are seeking fresh blood to keep themselves alive.

    In Houston there are several spectaular haunted house one of those is ScreamWorld, three haunted attractions in one loaction. Some of the things in this top notch haaunted house are alive but many are not. The Edge of Darkness haunted house is an old fashioned haunt with cold and damp in your face scares that will make you cry for your mommy.

    Want more? Also in Houston is Heart Stoppers Fright where creatures will scare the crap out of you and your friends. You will fall into the depth of fear when you eneter the foot snake pit. You thought the Boogey man only scared you as a child but he is back and ready to take your soul to the other side this time. Once inside you won't know whats real and whats not Another great Houston haunted house is Phobia NINE seperate attractions in two different locations where you are invited to enter upon your own free will but you may not make it out.

    The sick and twisted things that you will see are enough you make a grown man become ill. Mental Asylum patients will chase you, Clowns will try to eat you Run as fast as you can to survive the dark.