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In fact, there seems to have been more than the usual amount of inter-vendor strife behind the scenes. Some of that is the natural give-and-take of negotiations between vendors with different agendas and getting legal departments to sign off.

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But part of it was a real resistance by some parties, notably Docker, to sign onto what was seen as a Google-led initiative, several sources noted. Google GOOG would not comment for this story. To back up, Docker is a commercial company that is promoting open-source Docker containers as the new building blocks of cloud applications. Google is open sourcing Kubernetes code— Release 1. That would indeed be very good for Google and conceivably good for its partners if that adoption expands the adoption of cloud applications across the vendor ecosystem.

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And those players may look at Kubernetes, spawned from big, powerful Google, askance. Docker appears to be one of those companies.

They did not want to be named, citing concerns about Docker reaction. But his computer, T-shirt and slides were plastered with the blue wordless Kubernetes logos. Docker vice of marketing David Messina, downplayed the issue, saying the company wanted to make sessions educational. This is true but he never named the application being demonstrated, which led to some head scratching among attendees.

Now for those pre-briefed on the Cloud Native Foundation news, the early draft of the release the one without mention of Docker mentions Kubernetes by name. Final wording of the release, he added, was determined by the Linux Foundation, which is managing the new foundation.

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In that case, Docker contributed its core container technology in hopes that everyone can agree on a container standard. Given the overlap, you would have thought that perhaps Google—itself a member of the Open Container Project—would want to contribute its own container technology to that organization, given how intertwined container tech and the tech needed to manage containers is. All Rights Reserved. Fortune may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

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Offers may be subject to change without notice. I was very fascinated by the story and characters, especially Pete. He went through so many trials and through willful determination overcomes what he could have been and becomes such a good man. Pete shows kindness, understanding, love, and oh so much patience! While June goes through many of her own trials, she does not completely heal until Pete steps in to love her With Pete's friendship and love, the author proves that love and joy are possible for anyone who suffers loss or in June and Pete's case, post-traumatic stress disorder.

I was captivated.

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  5. I will admit to shedding a tear or two of pain and joy as I read this beautiful love story based on a true story. Longing for Home, Vol. Pillagy: The Complete Trilogy. Diamond Rings are Deadly Th Rachelle J. Uneasy Fortunes by Mandi Ellsworth. Product Rating.