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Advertise With Us. Great Recordings T. Also of note is the decorative ceiling painting he made for the Sala delle Asse in the Milan Castello Sforzesco. During this period Leonardo worked on a grandiose sculptural project that seems to have been the real reason he was invited to Milan: a monumental equestrian statue in bronze to be erected in honour of Francesco Sforza , the founder of the Sforza dynasty.

Leonardo devoted 12 years—with interruptions—to this task.

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In the clay model of the horse was put on public display on the occasion of the marriage of Emperor Maximilian to Bianca Maria Sforza, and preparations were made to cast the colossal figure, which was to be 16 feet 5 metres high. But, because of the imminent danger of war, the metal, ready to be poured, was used to make cannons instead, causing the project to come to a halt.

The ensuing war left the clay model a heap of ruins. As a master artist, Leonardo maintained an extensive workshop in Milan, employing apprentices and students. Scholars have been unable to agree in their attributions of these works. Leonardo da Vinci Italian artist, engineer, and scientist. Written By: Ludwig Heinrich Heydenreich. Top Questions. Read more below: Art and accomplishment: Leonardo as artist-scientist. Mona Lisa. Last Supper. Read more below: Art and accomplishment: Painting and drawing. Giorgio Vasari.

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