How to Make Money From Parked Website Domains

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Holly Chavez is a former engineer and current writer and entrepreneur. She enjoys writing informative articles about technology and is amazed at all the new inventions and strides that happen every day. Holly also cares about the environment and is involved with writing projects and activism that supports sustainability, Green living and lowering the carbon footprint. Holly Chavez hollyleichavez. What Does Redirect Do?

What Does Redirect Do?

Did you like this article? Yes No. Holly Chavez Holly Chavez is a former engineer and current writer and entrepreneur. About Contact Steve Archives. Another option is domain parking. How does domain parking work? Your domain is basically turned into an online billboard. Domain selection The most important thing about choosing a domain is to find those domains that can generate traffic without input from you. Brand new domains This type of domain refers to new domains that are spelled correctly but may offer potential for traffic.

Misspelled domains This type of domain is one where you obtain a domain similar to another in the hopes that people will type in the incorrect domain name and end up on your site instead. Expired domains A safer alternative is to pick up domains that have expired. What sort of domains should you buy?

What is a Parked Domain and How to Make 10,000 $ by Domain Parking.

Services you can use In order to get adverts to appear on your site, you will need to use a domain parking service. Problems with parking services The main issue with parking services from your point of view is the inability of sending traffic to the domain. As well as that the actual earnings per click for most services is mere cents. How then can you increase earnings? One option is to do your homework and choose the right service that provides the best rates. Dean Robinson Dean is self employed, working mainly with WordPress related projects and online marketing, whilst juggling a family life.

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Anybody out there having better luck? CoolCode August 30, , pm 4.

Can You Make Money with Domain Parking? - ivetriedthat

The only reason it is parked with them is because it if forsale with them. ArticleRus August 30, , pm 7.

How To Make Money Buying Domain Names

Does it work? Does it work for everyone. It can work, I now work for myself, living off domain parking.

I am new at this and do not know what "domain parking" exactly means. Thanks in advance. This reply is highly appreciated.