Care and Keeping of Finches

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In captivity, breeders have developed many new colors in the birds by concentrating on mutations. As in many bird species, the female Gouldian is much plainer than the male. Larger than some finch species, Gouldians mature between 5 and 6 inches long. With good care, these finches can share your life for five to eight years. Because Gouldian finches are inherently social creatures, you should never keep a single bird.

They don't care much for people -- it's unlikely you'll ever truly "tame" your finches -- but they need the company of their own kind. Purchase the largest cage possible for your Gouldian finches so the little birds have ample room for flying. Ideally, the cage should be longer horizontally than vertically. Unlike with some other pet birds, it's not a good idea to let finches out for free flight in a room.

Their cage or aviary is where they receive all of their exercise.

How to Raise Zebra Finches

Install several natural softwood perches in the cage so your finches have areas of varying heights to land on. Avoid putting the perches above the water or food dishes, so droppings don't soil them. Put some nest boxes in the cage, filled with soft hay or cotton. Always make sure your birds have access to fresh, clean drinking water.

Because they enjoy bathing, put a birdbath or shallow dish in the cage a few times a week for an hour or so, removing it when it becomes dirty. In the wild, Gouldian finches eat various grasses along with sorghum seeds.

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Photo by quinet. Of course, an aviary provides the best accommodation, allowing them to behave far more naturally. If you are to do this then it is important to appreciate that these are birds that tend to fly and hop about all day long; they tend to be far more active than many other popular cage birds.

Long cages are far more appropriate than round cages, allowing them to flap from one end of the cage to the other. At the same time, keepers should be careful to ensure the bars of the cage are close enough together to prevent escape; zebbies can squeeze through surprisingly small gaps!

How to Take Care of Gouldian Finches | Animals -

Many larger cages are designed more for cockatiels and the like, so be certain to choose one specifically designed for finches. The base of the cage should be protected, either with loose cage bird sand or sand sheets. In truth, loose sand represents the kinder option, as the birds can scuffle around in it like they would in the Australian outback. At the same time, this can create a surprising amount of mess and dust, as the sand is tossed out of the cage during normal daily activity. For this reason, some keepers opt for the rather more clinical but cleaner sand sheet.

Care and Keeping of Finches

Photo by Jim Bendon. Zebra finches do best on a base diet of seeds. Alongside this seed, a drinker of fresh water changed at least once a day should be available at all times. A small pot of grit should also be available, in order to help your birds grind down the seed in their gizzards, as should a cuttlefish bone as a source of essential calcium.