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No word on a release yet, but this gem is sure to see the light of day sooner rather than later. Wait, what? Caco came into our lives like a hurricane. He was an awfully sick being, for what his last years in Sorocaba Zoo had caused him.

The Astral Projection [The Astral Scene] - Today I Saw The Sunrise

Mutilation in his legs, which he tore pieces, made it difficult to treat infections. It was an obsession that persecuted us.

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When we heard his desperate cries, we knew that a new crisis crashed him, and us. We consulted psychiatrists and a treatment based on Prozac prescriptions, maximum isolation for a while and the process of adapting with a mate changed his life.

Caco stopped with the self-mutilation and with the crises in which he introduced objects into his ears in an attempt to erase the headaches he felt. Few of us visited him, only those in whom he trusted; we never took the press or sporadic or medical visitors to see him. Little by little we were reducing Prozac and Caco did not self assaulted anymore or had outbreaks of violence against anyone. He will NEVER be normal, will always live in his little world, will remain impotent and his companion, July — who sacrificed her life to save him and loves him — will be with him and will help him to forget his past, and hers, which was also dark in Piracicaba Zoo.

There is no struggle between humans.


There is no vanity struggle. There is no fight of Zoo versus Sanctuary. Blackie deserves no longer be exposed to the public in the solitude of his room, when we know that several of his peers live together in a community where his species is respected and not used for human entertainment. However, on this occasion, I address to the Zoo leaders to not block the transfer, as they are starting to try to do.

Astral Axolotl

The leaders of that Zoo know exactly where Blackie will be better; do not take it personal and have mercy with a being that has been explored all his life to the limit, for the entertainment of those who still think that showing animals is something that people want. A decade ago, we repeat, Caco, who lived alone, was sent to the sanctuary when there were not yet all the infrastructure built in recent years, and we managed to give him a life free ot hallucinations and phobias.

Blackie had been with us temporarily 6 years ago, along with his dead partner, and at that time we tried that they stayed with us. However, the Zoo did not agree with the proposal, even though there was a risk he lived alone, as it happened. The proposal is opened and we are giving the opportunity to Blackie to live the last years of his life together with their peers, not humans.

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All those who agree with our request can present their support to the Mayor of Sorocaba, Antonio Carlos Pannunzio, since the fate of an innocent chimpanzee is in his hands, and depends ONLY on him.