Tears of the Spirit

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This was why Jesus wept over Jerusalem, and we note the statues of Mary known to have wept over the situation in the world. B ut likewise observe that the tears from such statues -- when they are of God -- not only express emotion but often are said to heal or relieve the infirm who come into contact with them, showing us once again the dual nature of what they call lachrymation. The Catechism explains that: "The need to involve the senses in interior prayer corresponds to a requirement of our human nature.

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We must pray with our whole being to give all power possible to our supplication. In the darkest moments, did we cry? Have we received that gift of tears that prepares our eyes to see the Lord? E-mail this link directly. Spirit Daily on Twitter Facebook. Michael Brown's books on Kindle or Nook.

The Grace of Tears – God In All Things

Return to home page: www. North American Christianity needs a baptism of tears. Instead of polarized invective that tears up apart, we need the tears of divine empathy to unite our hearts. The God of the Bible weeps and laughs, grieves deeply and dances with joy Jeremiah ; Zeph. Imagine our conversations with God and each other if we experience a baptism of tears:.

We will weep deeply as we confront the racism of Charleston and shed joyful tears as forgiveness triumphs over retaliation.

We will weep hearing the cries of creation as humans despoil the earth and we will cry aloud with delight as gospel hope inspires ecological healing. We weep in intercession for our neighbors lost without Christ and shed tears of joy as converts are baptized and prodigals discover Abba Almighty waiting for them. We will weep when a sister or bother suffers and find our eyes moist when healing flows. This baptism of tears purges hubris and hypocrisy from our hearts.

Tears will inspire love for enemies as we realize their need of grace. There is a time and place for civil, dispassionate debate, inside the church and in the public square. The issues tearing the church and civil society apart, especially the labeling and libeling, the intolerance and entrenched anger, will not be overcome merely with debating points. Evidence and rational thought are needed in our hyperbolic sound bite-driven world. But tears are needed even more. Tears in our eyes help us hear with our ears what the Spirit is saying as we listen deeply to each other.

Today I am shedding tears for our violence toward the vulnerable, from the unborn to the aged, the oppressed and trafficked to the hidden abuse in homes.

“You Put My Tears in Your Bottle”: Drawing Close to the God Who Sees Our Pain

Today I am crying with joy over the thousands finding Christ each hour, and many believers awakening to this moment of kingdom opportunity. Natural Tears This gift of tears differs from normal tears both in what triggers it it is triggered by an experience of God, not by natural pain or sorrow or joy, for example , as well as in how it occurs physiologically — generally, these tears are abundant and are not accompanied by the usual kind of sobbing or the distortion of the facial muscles. So you can see that your instinct was right. Someone who has a particularly sensitive nature may often be moved to natural tears by beautiful spiritual realities.

This can be a very good thing, but it may not be, strictly speaking, the same as the gift of tears.

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Likewise, someone may go through periods or moments when their natural sensitivity is heightened by stress or exhaustion, for instance , and this could make them more susceptible to shed tears in response to normal emotional stimulation — perception of beauty, sorrow at sin, etc. This type of crying can be emotionally renewing and of great benefit for the person crying releases many hormones and toxins that are known to reduce stress levels , even though it may not, strictly speaking, be the gift of tears.

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