Boost Your First Chakra For Grounding & Prosperity

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Habits handed down to you from the influential people in your life.

Best 1st Chakra: Base or Root Chakra images in | Crystals, Crystals minerals, Fossils

Unconscious tendencies you may not even be aware you have. Chakra Abundance shines a light on these shadow tendencies. And you know what happens when you shine light on a shadow… it disappears. Or more correctly, it becomes part of the light.

Staying Grounded: The Muladhara Chakra

It integrates. Chakra Abundance is a process of integration. It brings forth all of what you already are deep inside, and releases any unconscious habits and identifications that may be holding you back. Getting that tattoo had such an immediate positive impact on my life that I decided to create temporary healing tattoos that could help everyone boost and balance their chakras.

On This Call You'll:

As a Chakra Healer and Certified Master Hypnotherapist, I can help you understand your unique energetic profile and integrate your shadow. This means no more self-sabotage. You can finally realize your most heartfelt dreams! My Chakra Abundance Course contains several unique processes that allow you to effortlessly release your underlying blockages to true abundance. You're going to love having me on your side. You are the heart of conscious evolution on this planet and the abundance that is emerging right now. When you use my Chakra Abundance program and learn.

The Root Chakra: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Oh, and a lot more peace in your heart, mind and soul. Helping you step into your highest purpose is my highest purpose. Additionally, I will provide answers to your chakra-related questions via email for eight weeks from the date you register for the course. Numerous studies show that immersive exercises increase your understanding and retention.

In this remote process, I use your name for energetic focus, which personalizes and magnifies the healing. Working with another person keeps you accountable in a fun, positive way and takes you much deeper than you can go on your own. A little over half the people who attended the original Chakra Abundance course chose to participate in the optional Prosperity Partner Program, and they were the ones who experienced the biggest positive shifts in their chakra test scores and reported more expansion in their personal empowerment and abundance.

Yep, you read it right. You get to officially bring a friend with you into Chakra Abundance, and they will receive everything in Basic package.

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They will also be a part of our online family, which means they will be able to attend any and all future LIVE Bonus Calls just like you. Because using money as a reason not to take action is one of the biggest habits you need to break when you want to step into a Higher Energetic Field of Abundance. Make today the day you commit to a whole new level of abundance. It was mind-blowing! It makes you stubborn and unwilling to change or expand your point of view. Red root chakra color energy gives you concentration and clear thinking.

It helps you set goals and prioritize them, and it gives support so that you can overcome your challenges. It also causes you to become disorganized.

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It often results in pessimism and narrow thinking. No discussion of red color chakra would be complete without talking about its energy to attract abundance, prosperity, and financial health.

If you feel like you need a salary raise, or if you want to be more financially independent, bring more red in your life to increase your prosperity! About CV. Virabhadrasana II Warrior II — This pose helps strengthen and stretch the legs and ankles, while also nurturing a strong core.


Mastering this pose will increase your stamina which is key to maintaining a balanced first chakra. Wishing you peace, love, perfect health and a very Happy Diwali!! Supporting the Monkey costs you nothing — but it is dependent on using our Amazon links. Thank you! You may also like. August 14, Hip to be Green — iWood Ecodesign April 23, Asian Contemporary Art Week March 11,