Between Two Skies

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Kim Baccellia, Staff Reviewer. They fought in Seven at Sea.

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After watching sailboats drifting on It doesn't matter if you're What is Poetry? Elisha Jachetti, Staff Reviewer. Secret Soldiers: How the U. Karen Yingling, Staff Reviewer. Jazmen Greene, Newsletter Manager.

Exclusive excerpt: ‘Between Two Skies’ by Joanne O’Sullivan

Paige C, Staff Reviewer. Mend A Story of Divorce. For those going through a similar Clink A Story of Cyberbullying. What worked: This is Once A King Clash of Kingdoms.

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Stephanie Augustine, Staff Reviewer. Poetry The book takes us Speak Your Truth. Share Your Voice. Hey, Kiddo. This is a The beginning paragraph, when Mary After Evangeline and her family evacuate, their entire town is pulled into the ocean. Tru and Evangeline do find each other again, but love is hard when one has no home. In the years that have passed since Hurricane Katrina, there have been many stories about the immediate devastation to New Orleans. This tale reminds readers that there were millions of people all over the gulf affected by this tragedy and that for many, the horror of the event was only beginning, not ending, when the skies cleared.

Exclusive excerpt: ‘Between Two Skies’ by Joanne O’Sullivan | Happy Ever After

Accelerated Reader Level 4. Standard Correlations.

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