HEADSTONE: October 27, 1915 - August 30, 1984

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Broderick May 18, - February 9, Thomas M. Coffee March 12, - November 26, William C. Eberspecher September 24, - September 21, Florence G. Parsons March 3, - September 22, John K. Genealogy Search Type your search terms into the box below and his 'Search! Obituary Records Peruse our extensive genealogical archives, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name.

View Obituary Records Birth Records We are currently adding birth record information to the website, with entries sorted alphabetical by first and last name. Dittrich, Joe F. Dittrich, Mary E. Dobecka, John ; born: Mar 23, ; died: Sep 7, ;. Dobecka, Unknown ; born: unknown; died: May 4, ; Child of Mr. Joe Dobecka. Dreitner, Henry R. Dreitner, Joe E. Dusek, Albert J. Albert Dusek. Dusek, Joe F.

Dusek, Joseph J. Dusek, Oct 31, Dusek, Peter P. Eichler, Ferd ; born: Oct 27, ; died: Dec 6, ;.

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Elberfeld, Henry ; born: Feb 9, ; died: Jul 9, ;. Elstner, William J. Chapman, married Mathilda Stahl in Ermis, Oct 24, Ermis, Ignac V. Ermis, John A. Ermis in Ermis, Martha A. Ermis, Oct 22, Ermis, William J.

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Foster, Henry Sr ; born: Mar 12, ; died: Feb 15, ;. Foster, Monroe E. Freis, Anton ; born: Oct 20, ; died: Feb 22, ;. Freis, Anton J. Freis, Bertha A. Freis, Jr. Freis, Frank F. Freis, Joe, Sr. Freis, John A. Freudenberg, Adela M. Ulrich in , married Elton Freudenberg, May 29, Friedrich, Frank J. Friedrich, Henry ; born: c. Fritsch, Agnes ; born: Dec 6, ; died: Jun 8, ;. Fruge, Joseph W.

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  • October 27, 1915 - August 30, 1984.
  • Garcia, Mar 9, Garcia, Ernest R. Garcia Mar 8, Garcia, Pedro M. Gassmann, Edwin F. Genzer, Joseph Sr. Genzer, Louis M. Genzer May 31, Genzer, Wilbert ; born: Feb 22, ; died: Dec 5. Glancy, Mary E. Glancy in Gobald, Helena ; born: Jul 15, ; died: Apr 16, ;. Gobald, Max ; born: Oct 10, ; died: March 22, ;. Gold, August F. Gold, Celestine ; born: Apr 2, ; died: Jun 10, ;. Gold, Edward L. Gold, Emil F. Gold, Jr. Gold, Frank H.

    John Edward "Duzer" Eberspecher

    Gold, Frank J. Gold, Frederick E. Gold, Oct 4, Gold Jan 14, Gold, Thekla ; born: c. Graschel, Minnie ; born: c. Grohmann, Albert E. Grohmann, Apr Grohmann, Eugene E. Grohmann, Ferdinand ; born: May 16, ; died: Aug 17, ;. Grohmann, Fred F. Grohmann, Fred, Jr. Grohmann, Joseph A. Grohmann, Marvin R. Grohmann, Wilbur J. Grohmann, Wilbur Sr. Grunewald, Frank C. Guenther, Apr 16, Guenther, Feb 6, Guenther, Edmund F. Guenther, Edward O. Guenther, Erna H. Guenther, Nov 9, Guenther, Frank A.

    Guenther, Henry A. Guenther, Herbert G.

    Guiding Light - August 30, 1989

    Guenther, Johan ; born: Feb 6, ; died: Jul 10, ;. Guenther, Johanna ; born: Apr 16, ; died: Jan 2, ;. Guenther, John A. Guenther, John B. Guenther, John J. Guenther, Josef ; born: Jul 24, ; died: Jun 15, ;. Guenther, Joseph A. Guenther in [Birth month and day from death certificate]. Guenther, Otto A. Guenther, Theresa M. Guenther, Nov 17, Guenther, Tillie M.

    Dry Valley "Poca" Hollow Cemetery

    Guenther, Jan 22, Haas in Austria. Haas, Frank; born: Sep 28, ; died: Sep 28, ; tombstone photo. Haas, Frank J. Haas, Joseph E. Haas, Katherine; born: ; died; tombstone photo.

    Mount Desert Island History

    Habescht, John ; born: c. Hadash, Pauline T.

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    Haidusek, Jun 7, Hajek, Nov 10, Hajek, Willie E. Hajovsky, Martha M. Hajovsky, Jun 17, Hanzelka, Irene I. Hanzelka, Sep 16, Hanzelka, John ; born: May 18, ; died: Oct 16, ;. Harbus, Charlie M. Harbus, Paul J. Hartensteiner, Charles F. Berger Hartensteiner. Korean veteran. Hauptmann, Anton ; born: unknown; died: Jan 5, ;. Hauser, Frank Edwarad ; born: c. Heger, Jul 8, Heger, Joe F.

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    Heger, John F. Heger, John, Jr. Heger, Regina R. Heger, Oct 28, Heger, Robert F. Heiman, Hilmer T. Heinrich Nov 13, Heinrich, Ferdinand A. Heinrich, Nov 13, Heinsohn, Feb 12, obit in Feb 14, Weimar Mercury. Heller, Oscar Anton. Heller, Oscar Jr. Helmcamp, Alfred H. Helmcamp, Bennie E. Helmcamp, Bertha ; born: c. Helmcamp Oct 29, We used it to be able to read the engraving from the pictures.

    This soft chalk washes off with the first rain. Some information came from older cemetery listings. We did not find those headstones when we took pictures. The link wil have the cemetery name and 'No Picture' Click on cemetery name and headstone number to bring up headstone pictures end of lines Look for multiple listings as many stones have more than one picture. Adams - Boonsville Adams, Edgar R.

    Bill - PleasantGroveNo. C, 8 GA Batt.