Il restauro tra scienza e coscienza del tempo (Italian Edition)

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Condition: Fine. In the s he published numerous homoerotic photographs under the pseudonym "Jim" in Der Kreis The Circle , the legendary international gay magazine that featured highly sophisticated photographs by, among others, George Platt Lynes and Herbert List. Weinberger was one of the first queer photographers to show his often working-class models posing in their everyday surroundings.

For Weinberger, eroticism was always grounded in the quotidian-a revolutionary and courageous approach back in the s. In the late 's Weinberger started to develop an obsessive interest in the nascent biker culture and its proud and self-confident celebration of the body, embarking on a longtime study of their lifestyle. In many ways, Weinberger's photographs will remind viewers of Kenneth Anger's cult classic Scorpio Rising. Weinberger's photographs are a unique document both of pre-Stonewall gay culture and postwar youth culture and its cycles.

His erotic and provocative photographs are imbued with a mischievous sense of humor that makes them as vibrant and vital today as they were when they were first taken. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. Published by Typis Johannis Baskerville, Birminghamiae Dorso a nervetti decorati in oro con titolo in oro su tassello rosso, fregi in oro e gli stemmi nobiliari impressi anche ai due piatti in oro entro scomparti.

Lievi bruniture e strappo marginale alla carta Xx3. Bell'esemplare restauri alle cerniere. Prima edizione di Baskerville del teatro terenziano, impressa con grande nitore tipografico dal massimo stampatore britannico del suo tempo. John Baskerville was the greatest printer of his era. He also carried on a successful japanning varnishing business there. In about he began to make experiments in letter founding, and produced the wonderful series of types now named after him.

His first book, the Virgil of , was also the first to be printed upon wove paper manufactured by a process that he invented. In he be came printer to Cambridge University. All of his books bear show fine craftsmanship and a refined sense of design. In the last few years before his death, Baskerville published a few Latin classics in quarto and duodecimo. All these bear the marks of unabated genius even in his declining days: and suffice, had he printed nothing else, to distinguish him as the first typographer of his time T. Reed in Old English Letter Foundries. Gaskell, Baskerville, Lommen, The book of the books, passim: Baskerville's books and his types were extremely influential.

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Brunet, V, Moss, II, Graesse, VII, More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Published by Verlag Stahleisen G. From: studio montespecchio Montespecchio, Italy. About this Item: Verlag Stahleisen G. Quarto, pages, illustrations. Grey printed cloth. Illustrated blue wrappers.

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Just very minor chafing towards the edges of wrappers, otherwise a very fine copy. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. VI, 4 , , 8 di segnalazioni editoriali, legatura del tempo in p. Antiporta xilografica disegnata e incisa da Whymper con veduta del Weisshorn dal Riffel. Piccoli restayri alle cuffie. Buon esemplare.

Timbri ed etichetta del tempo della Coleraine Library. Prima edizione. Neate, From a scientific beginning, [Tyndall] took more and more to the pleasures of mountaineering, his greatest climb being the first ascent of the Weisshorn. He was also a contender for the first ascent of the Matterhorn. Cox, Classics in the Literature of Mountaineering, The Golden Age of mountaineering produced a literature which has yet to be surpassed.

The British scientist, John Tyndall, was an outstanding example of these pioneers. He mad the first ascent of the Weisshorn and made an early attempt on the Matterhorn, which is described in this work.

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More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Published by Johannes Alt,, Franckfurt a. About this Item: Johannes Alt,, Franckfurt a. Con figure incise nel testo. Solida ed elegante legatura coeva in mezza pergamena, dorso liscio con fregi e titoli in oro su tassello. Perfetta conservazione. Prima edizione tedesca. Garrison-Morton : "In his classic monograph Mackenzie included a description and illustration of his polygraph, with which he made si multaneous tracings of the pulse, apex beat etc.

More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Condition: ottimo. Dust Jacket Condition: ottimo.

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Seller Inventory ABE More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Published by William Pickering, London About this Item: William Pickering, London, Legatura editoriale in piena tela con titolo a stampa su etichetta cartacea al ds. Ottimo esemplare a fogli chiusi. Edizione facente parte della famosa serie dei Diamond Classics dell editore inglese. Bondy, p. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. Published by presso Giuseppe Bocca, Torino About this Item: presso Giuseppe Bocca, Torino, XXXVI, , 1 di errata, legatura coeva m.

Indice alle pp. Esemplare genuino.

From the Middle Ages to the 17th Century

His principal work, on the best manner of dealing with beggars, will bear comparison with De Gerando's classic. In this book Petitti discussed the precautions taken to prevent begging in different states, and the questions of legal intervention Palgrave.

Einaudi, Palgrave, III; Sirugo, n. Manca alla Kress. More information about this seller Contact this seller Condition: come nuovo. Buon esemplare in barbe. Edizione originale di questo classico della pedagogia scientifica, con particolare riferimento alle matematiche. His 'Essais sur l'enseignement' , a pedagogical classic, display his acute psychological penetration, rich erudition, liberal cast of mind, and broad conception of education.

Published by Brepols, Turnhout About this Item: Brepols, Turnhout, Couverture rigide. Condition: As New. Dust Jacket Condition: As New. Edition originale. I: Catalogue, pp; Vol. II: Essays, pp. Publisher's summary: Surviving pre-Eyckian panel painting of around is in short supply, but more remains than was thought. At present the list of works to be studied includes some thirty objects in collections in Belgium and elsewhere.

In the first volume ten objects, which in fact constitute the majority of pre-Eyckian works in Belgian collections, are documented as thoroughly as possible. Their interpretation is underpinned not only by classic art historical analysis but also by macro-photography, X-radiography, infrared photography and reflectography, dendrochronological data and, in so far as was feasible or justifiable, laboratory analysis of pigments and binding media.

About this Item: Paperback. Condition: Used: Very Good. Edizione originale Giulio Einaudi Seller Inventory V Wieacker, Franz. Storico del diritto romano Stargard - Gottinga , prof. Socio straniero dei Lincei Il volume affronta unitamente gli aspetti storici e concettuali del restauro, muovendo da una definizione terminologica monumento, bene culturale, restauro, conservazione, recupero ecc. Affronta, subito dopo, i problemi del restauro odierno ed alcune specifiche questioni, come il rapporto con gli orientamenti dell'estetica, con le scienze, le tecniche di rilevamento, la museografia, il mecenatismo.

Altre considerazioni riguardano il tema del restauro dei giardini storici, dell'architettura contemporanea, alcune singolari esperienze europee, in ultimo questioni di politica culturale e di tutela dell'ambiente. Ha pubblicato studi nel campo del restauro e della storia architettonica: La reintegrazione dell'immagine. Problemi di restauro dei monumenti, Roma ; Filippo Brunelleschi. Saggio di bibliografia, 2 voll. Bozzoni; Iussu Desiderii.

Montecassino e l'architettura campano-abruzzese nell'undicesimo secolo, Roma , rist.

Distinguished Figures in Descriptive Geometry and Its Applications for Mechanism Science

Comment se confesser? Giraudo, in CivCat IV Dio e l'assemblea, ovvero la sorpresa di parlare la stessa lingua 2. La ridistribuzione delle competenze tra centro e periferia 4. Ulteriore intervento interpretativo e successiva autorevole risposta 5. Per questo i singoli numeri di LA vanno attentamente ri-compresi, inclusi i nn. Risulta quindi chiaro che alcuni numeri di LA sono stati abrogati o sono decaduti nei termini in cui sono stati ri-formulati dal nuovo canone del MP ad es. Approccio liturgico a partire dalla Religione Tradizionale Africana.

Over the last fifty years, the Eastern Orthodox position on oikonomia, divorce and remarriage was the subject of numerous studies. This volume builds on this research and attempts to offer a comprehensive and systematic presentation of the Orthodox approach to these topics. By doing so, it contributes towards a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Eastern tradition, and presents the Western Churches with a valuable resource in their pursuit of ecumenical dialogue with the Orthodox East, in their dealing with the ever-growing reality of mixed marriages, and in their ministry to the divorced and remarried members of their faithful.

It is hoped that this work will also add to the already rich tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. He holds a doctorate in Canon Law with a specialisation in jurisprudence from the Pontifical Gregorian University, and a licentiate in sacred theology from the University of Malta. He also serves as promoter of justice and defender of the bond for the Archdiocese of Malta. Georges Ruyssen ed. The landscape of Byzantine painting is thus geographically located in the provinces and spans over several centuries. Despite being fragmented, this gallery bears witness of the need, the persistence, and the stylistic flexibility of a style embodied by the Byzantine character: that is to say, of its eagerness to understand, and therefore to believe and hope.

Just as many monuments have been destroyed by humans, likewise a small or large portion of what is presented in this book will also disappear: may these pages reassert the presence of a culture which, one hopes, will always find new and sincere lovers. Guillaume de Jerphanion gave the opening lesson of the course on Byzantine frescoes. James McCann and David Nazar, who supported and funded our work. For the patient work on the English text, we thank Vicky Franzinetti, Dr.

Although the text and the aim is one, each author is responsible for his section of the text. In addition, it must be granted that the quality of the photos is not always excellent, due to the rather inaccessible position of the fresco on the wall. Needless to say, we opted to present a sample rather than the total of the fragments of frescoes on site.

When no other source is indicated, photos are from the PIO. Di riforme liturgiche ce ne sono sempre state 2. Il messale di Paolo VI: il coronamento di un sogno 4. La riforma liturgica: tra luci e ombre 5. La riforma liturgica: opinioni a confronto.