The Power of Darkness

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Delivered from the Power of Darkness. Giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. Colossians The Apostle Paul prayed for the Christians in the ancient city of Colosse, and in his prayer he thanked God the Father for His work in their lives.

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The power of darkness lulls us to sleep — we should be awake. The power of darkness is skilled at concealment — we should life open lives. The power of darkness can fascinate us — we should be fascinated with the things of God. The power of darkness is a cover for evil — we should live in the light. Use this form to subscribe to this weekly devotional.

The Power of Darkness

Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Akulina is driven to the barn, where her terrible labor pains are stifled by the dread of her stepmother. When the innocent victim is born, Nikita's vicious mother and Anisya persuade him that the child is dead and force him to bury it in the cellar. While Nikita is digging the grave, he discovers the deception. The child is alive! The terrible shock unnerves the man, and in temporary madness he presses a board over the little body till its bones crunch.

Superstition, horror and the perfidy of the women drive Nikita to drink in an attempt to drown the baby's cries constantly ringing in his ears. The last act deals with Akulina's wedding to the son of a neighbor. She is forced into the marriage because of her misfortune. The peasants all gather for the occasion, but Nikita is missing: he roams the place haunted by the horrible phantom of his murdured child. He attempts to hang himself but fails, and finally decides to go before the entire assembly to confess his crimes. The Power of Darkness is a terrible picture of poverty, ignorance and superstition.

To write such a work it is not sufficient to be a creative artist: it requires a deeply sympathetic human soul. Tolstoy possessed both.

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He understood that the tragedy of the peasants' life is due not to any inherent viciousness but to the power of darkness which permeates their existence from the cradle to the grave. Something heavy is oppressing them -- in the words of Anisya -- weighing them down, something that saps all humanity out of them and drives them into the depths. The Power of Darkness is a social picture at once appalling and gripping. This appalling condition, especially in relation to the women folk, is expressed by one of the characters in the play: MITRICH: There are millions of you women and girls, but you are all like the beasts of the forest.

So I come to you, and say: "Akim, give me ten roubles! I will have the harvest in by St. Mary's Intercession and then I will give it back to you, with a tithe for the accommodation. AKIM: But this is, so to speak, a wrong done to a peasant. If one forgets God, so to speak, it is not good. So remember what you have done: you have fleeced me, so to speak, and Anisya, for example, has some money which is lying idle.

The Power of Darkness | work by Tolstoy |

She has no place to put it in and, being a woman, does not know what to do with it. So she comes to you: "Can't I," says she, "make some use of my money? And so you wait. Next summer I come to you once more. But if I have not a blessed thing, and nothing to eat, you make your calculations, seeing that I cannot be skinned, and you say: "God be with you, my brother!

Now this is called a bank. So it keeps going around. It is a very clever thing, my friend. AKIM: What is this? This is a nastiness, so to speak. If a peasant, so to speak, were to do it, the peasants would regard it as a sin, so to speak.

This is not according to the Law, not according to the Law, so to speak. It is bad. Anisya is reproaching Nikita, demanding that he refuse to wed Marina.

Recognizing Satan's Tactics in the Light of God's Word

She declares she will kill herself if he deserts her. Nikita promises that he won't, although he would prefer to go on with the ceremony and only return to Anisya as his mood dictates. Anisya is embracing him in gratitude when Nikita's mother, Matryona, enters. Matryona is a stranger to the scruples of Akim; she merely crosses herself before the icon Sending her son out, she suggests to Anisya a simple way to forward her romance: old Peter is going to die soon anyhow, and she has a powder that administered in seven small doses in his tea, will soon free Anisya.

Anisya pays well for the powders and agrees to the plan. Old Akim takes Nikita to task for wronging Marina. If my son has offended against her--I mean, if he now refuses--and she, what d'you call it? You can hide it from men, but not from God, Nikita Don't lie. Did anything happen? Nikita swears that he has not seduced the girl. Old Akim, deceived also by his wife, subsides.

Nikita, however, begins to feel uneasy. Says he: "I'm sweet as honey on the girls, but when you've sinned against 'em and then have to swear to a lie, it ain't so good Six months later, Anisya has given Peter two of the powders.

He is near death, but neither she nor Matryona can find his money and he has sent for his sister. They are discussing the possibility that the old man will turn over his money to her when he appears in the doorway, moaning: "I'm burning inside. It's so hard to die! She tells Anisya where his treasure is.

The Power of Darkness

She urges that he be wholly poisoned at once, before his sister comes. Nikita comes in from the fields. His mother directs him to seize the money--and to let Anisya keep none, since "women are such bad managers. Nine months later, Nikita has married Anisya but has continued his affairs with other women, notably Akoulina, Peter's daughter by his first wife. This is no secret from Anisya, but she fears to appeal to the law to strip him of her money.