The Year of the Moon Goose

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  • Moon Phases for Goose Creek, South Carolina, USA in 12222.
  • Moon When Geese Return in Scattered Formation.
  • Moon Phases 12222 – Lunar Calendar for Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

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MOON GOOSE - Source Code - Blurt Magazine

Sold Out! Please watch this space in case more copies become available. Over the years, the largest most prized of these birds has been the Canada Goose. A small outcropping of marsh grass, forming a tiny island scarcely twenty yards in diameter backed by a broad salt meadow and surrounded by a tidal channel near the southerly end of Nauset Marsh, has for generations been called Goose Hummock by the hunters of Cape Cod. Goose Hummock has created a favored resting and feeding location for countless flights of geese winging their weary way in over the dunes of Nauset.

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It was at Goose Hummock that the market hunter crouched shivering behind cakes of ice, waiting for a sight of these great water fowl, outlined before a bright full moon. It was in the creek and water holes around Goose Hummock that Willis Gould, formerly a market hunter, experimented with and perfected his now famous floating cork decoys. Winter seas pounded and washed away at the high dune so that the camp had to be moved several times over the years.

Later storms have washed sand clear around the little grass island, and Goose Hummock may in time be completely covered. Willis Gould, his son Bill, and Sarge Sargent, could foresee the day when the relentless tides and surf might finally win the battle against the little island, leaving nothing of it but a memory. So, when these three built the first sporting goods store on the Outer Cape in , they named it Goose Hummock Shop.