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Doch nun liegen sie so, Nur die Schwalben noch flitzen, Und alles ist still in Shiloh. My feet took a walk In heavenly grass All day while the sky shone clear as glass, My feet took a walk In heavenly grass. All night while the lonesome stars rolled past, Then my feet come down to walk on earth And my mother cried When she gave me birth. Now my feet walk far And my feet walk fast, But they still got an itch for heavenly grass.

But they still got an itch for heavenly grass. Doch es bleibt ihnen die Sehnsucht nach himmlischem Gras. My chair rock-rocks by the door all day But nobody ever stops my way, Nobody ever stops my way. The cabin was cozy And hollyhocks grew Bright by the door Till his whisper crept through. The sun on the sill Was yellow and warm Till she lifted the latch For a man or a storm.

Now the cabin falls To the winter wind And the walls cave in Where they kissed and sinned. And the long white rain Sweeps clean the room Like a white-haired witch With a long straw broom! Sugar in the Cane If you touched me, God save you, These summer days are hot and blue. If you did, God save your soul! These winter nights are blue and cold! As Adam Early in the Morning Ethiopia Saluting the Colors Look Down, Fair Moon One Thought Ever at the Fore One Thought Ever at the Fore.

To What You Said Grief Weeping angel with pinions trailing An head bowed low in your hands. Mourning angel with heartstrings waiting For one who in deaths hall stands, Mourning angel silence your wailing And raise your head from your hands, Weeping angel with pinions trailing, The white dove, promise, stands! Trauernder Engel, in Schmerzen wartend auf einen, der vor dem Tode steht. I love my love and well she knows, I love the grass whereon she goes; If she on earth no more I see, My life will quickly leave me.

Beautiful Dreamer 3. Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me! Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea, Mermaids are chaunting the wild lorelie; Over the streamlet vapors are borne, Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn. O, nun heb du an, dort in deinem Moor 5. Sing on there in the swamp! O singer bashful and tender! Through the windows — through doors — burst like a ruthless force, Into the solemn church, and scatter the congregation, Into the school where the scholar is studying; Leave not the bridegroom quiet — no happiness must he have now with his bride, Nor the peaceful farmer any peace, ploughing his field or gathering his grain, So fierce you whirr and pound you drums — so shrill you bugles blow.

Over the traffic of cities — over the rumble of wheels in the streets; Are beds prepared for sleepers at night in the houses? Would the talkers be talking? Would the singer attempt to sing? Would the lawyer rise in the court to state his case before the judge? Then rattle quicker, heavier drums — you bugles wilder blow. Die Redner, wollen sie reden? Will der Anwalt sich him Gericht erheben, seinen Fall dem Richter darzulegen? Trommel Drum 7. Erlebnis Incident 9. Once riding in old Baltimore, Heart-filled, head-filled with glee; I saw a Baltimorean Keep looking straight at me.

I, too, sing America. I am the darker brother. This is the land the sunset washes, These are the banks of the yellow sea; Where it rose, or whither it rushes, These are the western mystery! Night after night her purple traffic Strews the landing with opal bales; Merchantmen poise upon horizons, Dip, and vanish with fairy sails. Wild Nights — Wild Nights!

Were I with thee Wild Nights should be Our luxury! Rowing in Eden — Ah, the Sea! Might I but moor — Tonight — In Thee! Rudernd in Eden — Ach, das Meer! The Postponeless Creature Simple salute — and certain Recognition — Bold — were it Enemy — brief — were it friend — Dresses each House in Crape and Icicle — And carries on — out of it — to God —. Heart Pierrot Took his heart And hung it On a wayside wall. So Pierrot Took his heart And hid it Far away. A lot of Industrial Metal bands like Fear Factory are very political, most Power Metal bands like Hammerfall or Iced Earth are always about power and glory, a lot of Heavy Metal bands like Slipknot and The Disturbed write about just insanity in general.

As of this posting, it remains the single most fatal airplane accident in history. Me, myself, I hate to fly. Sad song, but also great. The English translation reads like something Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden might have written…cool, but creepy! Tuesday, July 2, Rammstein Affenknecht. Rammstein Dalai Lama lyric with English translation. The trump whose clang proclaimed the day of wrath.

Vnsih an the Christian hearts Cecilia Rejoiced, for she had found what every heart Seeks with strong yearning in the hour of prayer, — Union of spirits, — Christian unity. Mein einziger Gedanke Bist du, Geliebter, nur. Und wenn ich tagelang Gelauscht, gesucht — wie bang Ist dann mein Schmerz! Gestern bei dem Saft der Trauben, Bildet euch mein Schrecken ein! Kam der Tot zu mir herein. Fort, du hast genug gezecht! Lieber Tot, verschone mich!

At every whisper From dusky grove, When flaps her airy wing The turtle-dove. How beats my heart! Yesterday, O brothers mine, As I quaffed the purple wine, Fancy what a fearful doom! Death came to me in my room. Thieatening his scythe he swung, Menacing his accents nmg ; "Slave of Bacchus, hence! Sec, here is some wine for thee i Death, my friend, O pity me! Gut, wenn das ist, magst du leben! Ruft er. Nur sei mir ergeben. Lebe, bis du satt gekOsst, Und des Trinkens mflde bist O! Ewig muss ich also leben, Ewig! Denn, beim Gott der Reben! Was also trinkt und lieben kann. Leave me, and this vow be mine, Half my patients shall be thine.

Live, till kisses pall thy soul, And thott'rt weary of the bowl! Death, thou giv'st me second birth, In this glass of wine with thee, Death, 1 drink fraternity. Wine and love shall be my choice, I'll with love and wine rejoice! Tr, by A, Baskerviiie. I sought, while drinking, to unfold Why Nature's kingdoms are threefold. In all that drink and love then, we The first of these three kingdoms see. Drum, was nicht liebt, doch trinken kann. Wird in das zweite Reich gethan.

Drum, was nicht liebt, noch trinken kann. Wird in das letzte Reich gethan. Sprich, Mensch, was bleibst du noch? Ein Lied hinterm Ufen zu singen. War je ein Mann gesund, wie er? What wooldst thoii be, O man? Old Winter is the man for me, — Stout-hearted, sound and steady ; Steel nerves and bones of brass hath he ; Come snow, come blow, he's ready.

If ever man was well, 'tis he ; He keeps no fire in his chamber, And yet from cold and cough is free In bitterest December. He dresses him out-doors in mom, Nor needs he first to warm him ; Toothache and rheumatis' he'll scorn, And colic don't alarm him.

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In summer, when the woodland rings, He asks, "What mean these noises? Und wenn er durchzieht, stehen wir Und sehn ihn an und frieren. BBDC moudbghkdt. Such glee his frame is racking. Near the north pole, upon the strand. He has an icy tower ; likewise in lovely Switzerland He keeps a summer bower. And cannot choose but shiver. Brooks, The moon is up, in splendor, And golden stars attend her ; The heavens are calm and bright ; Trees cast a deepening shadow.

And slowly off the meadow A mist is rising, silver-white. Night's curtains now are closing Round half a world, reposing In calm and holy trust ; All seems one vast, still chamber. Where weary hearts remember No more the sorrows of the dust. Hab' nichts, mich dran zu freuen, Bin dumm und unijestalt Ohne Mut und ohne Gewalt ; Mein spotten und mich scheuen Die Menschen jung und alt ; Bin weder warm, noch kalt! Hab' nichts, mich dran zu freuen. Bin dumm und ungestalt.

In ganz Europia, ihr Herren Zecher! Ist solch ein Wein nicht mehr. Let with a wreath the brimming bowl be crowned, And quaff the draught divine! Sir Topers, not in Europe to be found Is such another wine. In Hungary nor Poland grows the vine Nor where they parlez-vous. There may the knight St Vitus fetch his wine Tis mote than we will do. How could it else be generous and mild, Yet with such strength imbued?

Yet grows it not in all Germania's zones, And many a rock and hill, Are like whilom the Cretans, barren drones Not worth the place they fill. There groweth aught upon Thuringia's hiUs, They call it wine in vain, Tis not : its juice no heart with gladness fills, It wakes no vocal strain. Da wachsen sie am Ufer hin und geben Uns diesen Labewein. The Bloxberg is the German long-legged dt, He blusters but with sound ; Hence, o'er him Nick and all his witches flit In giddy mazes round. The Rhine! Tis there upon the shore and mountain steep That grows this luscious wine. Then let us quaff it, let us every where E'er joy and mirth combine!

And if we knew a man, bow'd by despair, We'd give to him the wine. BaskerviUt, How brightly and serenely She takes her nightly round I Who in yon starry chaplet Is thus with beauty crowned? Wer sagt mir an, wo Weinsberg liegt? Kommt mir einmal das Freien ein. So werd' ich eins aus Weinsberg f rein. Einstmals der Kaiser Konrad war. Thou in a life of gladness Must surely take delight. For all our joys we thank thee, We thank thee for thy moon, Who richly thus rewaideth The anxious cares of noon.

Which way to Weinsberg? Full many a maid of noble clay, And matrons, wise and witty ; And if ever marriage should happen to me, A Weinsberg dame my wife shall be. King Conrad once, historians say. Around the walls the artillery roared. And bursting bombs their fury poured. But naught the littlctown could scait ; Then red with indignation, He bade the herald straight repair Up to the gates, and thunder there The following proclamation : " Rascals! Drob als er den Avis also Hinemtrompeten lassen.

Das Brot war teuer in der Stadt ; Doch teurer noch war guter Rat. O weh mir! Wir gehn, wir gehn capores! Oh weh mir armen Korydon! Es juckt mir an der Kehle schon. Gibt einen klugen Einfall an. Der Alles Volk erbauet, Den ihr, sofern ihr anders wollt.

Fiesta Mexicana (by Rex Gildo) Song Lyrics Translation And Grammar Analysis

Belachen und beklatschen sollt. To ever ' house a death-knell went; Such murder-cries the hot air rent Might move the stones to pity. Then bread grew dear, but good advice Could not be had for any price. Then, " Woe is me! And " Kyrie Eleison! Hy neck, — my neck!

Yet oft, when counsel, deed, and prayer Had all proved unavailing, When hope hung trembling on a hair, How oft has woman's wit been there! Of olden time, were famed abroad. A youthful dame, — praised be her name! Last night had seen her plighted,— Whether in waking hour or dream. Conceived a rare and novel scheme. Which all the town delighted ; Which you, if you think otherwise, Have leave to laugh at and despise. At midnight hour, when culverin And gun and bomb were sleeping.

Before the camp, with mournful mien, The loveliest embassy were seen All kneeling low and weeping. M Die Wdber sollten Abzug han. Drauf als der Morgen bricht hervor, Gebt Achtung! Meint' unsre Frau es auch nur so! Sagt mir doch, wo Weinsberg liegt? Bat, when the morning gilt the sky, What happened? Give attention. The city gates wide open fly, And all the wives came trudging by.

Full many a sprig of court, the joke Not relishing, protested, And urged the king ; but Conrad spoke : "A monarch's word must not be broke! Bravo I Our lady guessed it would be so. Court sprigs with city daughters. The mayor's wife— O rarest sight! Ah, where is Weinsberg, Sir, I pray?

Fun many a maid of noble clay. And matrons, wise and witty ; And if ever marriage should happen to me, A Weinsberg dame my wife shall be. Tr, by C. T, Brooks. Schelmenauge, blinzle nicht! Gib Bescheid auf meine Frage! Reizend, Liebchen, das ist wahr. Reizend bist du offenbar. Aber reizend her und hin! Wer wird dich vor Allen kronen? Reizend her und reizend hin! Viel noch fehlt zur Kaiserin! Roguish eye! Don't look away. You're not homely, that is true!

You've an eye that's clear and blue, Cunning mouth and little nose Have their merits, 1 suppose. Charming is the word to fit it, — Yes, you're charming ; 1 admit it. I can not quite allow Beauty's crown would suit your brow. Charming there and channing here Do not make a queen, my dear. For I know a hundred girls, Brown as berries, fair as pearls. Each of whom might claim the priae Given to loveliest lips and eyes — Yes, a hundred might go in, Challenge you, sweet child, and win. A hundred beauties, did I say? Why, what a number! Yet there may A hundred thousand girls combine To drive thee from this heart of mine May try together, try alone, — My empress they can not dethrone.

Whence, then, this imperial right Over me, your own true knight? Dich von Thron und Reich zu jagen 1 Hunderttausend! Welche Zahl! Schelmenauge, Schelinenmund, Sieh mich an und thu" mir's kund! He ; warum bist du die Meine? Du allein und anders keine? Sieh mich an und thu' mir's kund, Schelmenauge, Schelinenmund! Sinnig forsch' ich auf und ab, Was so ganz dir hin mich gab,— Ha! Durch nichts mich so zu zwingen; Geht nicht zu mit rechten Dingen. Ich kam und ging, ich ging und kam, Wie Ebb' und Flut zur See. Ganz wohl mir that es, wann ich kam, Doch, wann ich ging, nicht weh.

Und es geschah, dass nach der Zeit Gar Anders ich vernahm ; Da that's mir, wann ich schied, so leid. I wish to understand How I came into your hand. Look at me and make reply : Tell me roguish look and eye. Tied so tight, by miking, dear? Up and down, sweet sorceress, tell! Whefie's your wand, and what's your spell? F, Clarke. Long time I knew the lovely Sue, How beautiful was she! Her modesty and virtue too I could not fail to see. I came and went, and went and came.

Like tide, in ebb and flow, With pleasure always when 1 came, Nor sorrowing to go. And joy with her to be. My pole-star, beaming bright! Ich kam und ging, ich ging und kam. Wie, wo und wann sich alles paart, Warum sich's liebt und kOsst? Ihr hohen Weisen, sagt mir's an! And then I grew dull, dumb, and shy I One filled my soul, 'twas she! No bloom or beauty caught my eye, She only bloomed for me! Nor sun, nor moon, nor star gave light, While she resplendent slione : Whene'er she passed before ray sight, She dazzled me, I own. And finally it came to pass That all was changed again, Not less my darling was the lass, Or beauteous did remain : I came and went, and went and came, Like tide in ebb and flow, With pleasure always when I came.

Nor sorrowing to go. Ye sages, thought to be aware Of all below, above, When, how, and where do two hearts pair, What is the bond of love? Ye learned sages, answer, pray, Explain, 1 beg of ye, When, how, and where love makes his way, And why this happened me? But I have thought in vain : For love is like the wind at 'sea. Yon feel its breath, I know. But can you tell whence comes it free. Or whither it will blow? Doch, liebe Blttmchen, hoffet nicht Von mir ein Sterbelied. Denn Molly trillert hundertmal So hell und silberrein.

Dass ich singen und preisen kann. Zu singen und preisen den braven Mann. But flow'rets dear, expect not me To make a dirge my song : For true to me yon maid I see. Whose beauty is lifelong! Whene'er her purple lip I touch, A moment's gone, of bliss! No beny, cherry, has so much Of nectar as her kiss! O May! VB UAH. High sounds the song of the valiant man, Like clang of bells and organ-tone. Him, whose high soul brave thoughts control. Not gold rewards, but song alone. Auf Pfeilern und auf Bogen schwer. Laut heulten Sturm und Wog' um's Haus. Erbarme dich! Wer rettet mich? The thaw-wind came from southern sea.

Like frighted herds, when the wolf they see. It sweeps the fields, through the forest breaks, And the ice bursts away on streams and lakes. On mouniain-top dissolved the snow ; The falls with a thousand waters dashed, A lake did o'erflow the meadow low. And the mighty river swelled and splashed. Along their channel the waves rolled high. And heavily rolled the ice-cakes by.

On heavy piers and arches strong. And midway stood a house thereon. There dwelt the tollman, with child and wife ; O tollman! And it groaned and droned, and around the house Howled storm and wind with a dismal sound ; And the tollman aloof sprang forth on the roof. And gazed on the tumult around : " O merciful heaven! Lost, lost, and forlorn! The trembling tollman, with wife and child, He howled still louder than storm-winds wild. As one by one they shot away. To the middle approaches the overthrow! Wann nennst du ihn, mein schdnster Sang?

Bald nahet der Mitte der Umsturs sich. O braver Mann! Braver Mann! Zeige dich! Rasch gallopiert' ein Graf hervor, Auf hohem Ross ein edler Graf. Was hielt des Grafen Hand empor?

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (German)

Ein Beutel war es, voll und straff. Ist's der Graf? Doch ich weiss einen bravem Mann. Zeige dich I Schon naht das Verderben sich fOrchterlich.

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Retter I Komm' geschwind! Frisch auf gewagt! When soundest thou, song of the valiant man. Like clang of bells and organ-tone? Say on, say on, my noble song! How namest thou him, the valiant one? O brave man! Swift galloped a count forth from the crowd. On a gallant steed, a count full bold.

The Nietzsche Channel: Nietzsche: Poems / Gedichte.

In his hand so free what holdeth he? It is a purse stuffed full of gold. Two hundred pistoles to him who shall save Those poor folks from death and a watery grave Who is the brave man? Is it the count? Say on, my noble song, say on! By Him who can save! Fearfully the ruin approaches now! And ever higher swelled the flood, And ever louder roared the blast, And ever deeper sank the heart of the keeper; Preserver! And as i ier after pier gave way in the swell, Loud cracked and dashed the arch as it felL Halloo! In vain doth the tollman with wife and child.

For rescue howl through the storm-winds wild. Doch wehe! Der Nachen war alku klein. Um Retter von allen zugleich zu sein. Sag' an, sag' an, mein braver Sang f Der Bauer wagt' ein Leben dran. Doch that er's wol um Goldesklang? Der Ir. And boldly, in Heaven's name, into The nearest fishing boat sprang he ; Through the whirlwind wide, and the dashing tide, The preserver reaches them happily.

But, alas! And thrice he forced his little boat Through whirlwind, storm, and dashing wave ; And thrice came he full happily, Till there was no one left to save. And hardly the last in safety lay, When the tost of the ruins rolled away. Who is, who is the valiant man?

The peasant, I know, staked his life on the throw, But for the sake of gold 'twas done. Had the count not promised the gold to him, The peasant had risked neither life nor limb. By Heaven! Beat the peasant's heart in his kirtle gray. And, turning away, went forth alone. Unsterblich su preisen den braven Mann. Thank Heaven for song and praise, that I can Thus sing and praise the valiant man!

How long must we be parted? The king and empress weary grew Of feud and war's disaster. They curbed their wills, swore friendships true. And Peace again was master ; Each host came home, with sing and song. Thank God! Sad for Lenorc this meeting. Lost every kiss and greeting. Die Mutler lief wol hin zu ihr : — Ach, dass sich Gott erbarme! Du trautes Kind, was ist mit dir? Und schloss sie in die Arme. Nun fahre Welt und Alles hin!

Bei Gott ist kein Erbarmen, O weh, o weh mir Armen! Kind, bet' ein Vaterunser! Was Gott thut, das ist wohlgethan. Gott, Gott erbannt sich unser! Eitler Wahn! Gott hat an mir nicht wohlgethan! Was half, was half mein Beten? Kein Sakrament kann Leben Den Toten wieder geben. She asked them all if aught they knew Of William, but not any Could give to her the slightest clue, Not one, of all the many. Then quickly came her mother mild, Il j loring Heaven's blessing, And to her heart she drew her child, With kisses her caressing.

World, all farewell, since hope hath Hown ; 'Gainst me closed Heavcn'h portal. Woe, woe is me, poor mortal! What God decrees, is well decreed, WUl help us in affliction! For God to me hath not done well : My prayers were unheeded. And now they are not needed! Thou'rt just and mild. Oh, heed my supplication ; The holy sacrament, my child, Will give thee consolation! No sacraments, my mother, The fire in me can smother. Lass fahren, Kind, sein Herz dahin! Er hat es nimmermehr Gewinn! Hin ist bin! Verloren ist verloren!

Lyrics and Translations: Reise, Reise

Der Tot, der Tot ist mein Gewinn! O wir' ich nie geboren! O weh, o weh mir Annen! Sie weiss nicht, was die Zunge spricht. Kind, vcrgiss dein irdisch Leid, Und denk' an iott und Seligkeit! Was ist Seligkeit? O Mutter! Bei ihm, bei ihm ist Seligkeit! Lisch aus, mein Licht, auf ewig aus! Sie fuhr mit Gottes Vorsehung Vermessen fort su hadern. Death, death is my reward alone ; Bom, would that I were, never I Out, out, forever out my light! Die 'mid these horrors black as night! She knows not what she's sajring.

Away, with earthly woes away, Of God, salvation think, I pray, — No bridegroom then will tarry. Out, out, forever out, my light! Die 'mid these horrors Uack as night! Thus in her brain, in every vein. Did rage wild desperation, She rashly railed, with cries profane, 'Gainst God without cessation : She wrung her hands and beat her breast. Till sank the sun far in the West, 1 ill golden stars above her Night's asure vault did cover. Thu' auf mein Kind! Schufst, Liebchen, oder wachst du?

Wie bist noch gegen mich gesinnt? Und weinest oder lachst du? Geweinet hab' ich und gewacht ; Ach, grosses Leid erlitten! Wo kommst du her geritten? Und will dich mit mir nehmen. Herein, in meinen Armen, Herziiebster, zu erwarmen! Lass sausen, Kind, lass sausen! Der Rappe scharrt, es klirrt der Sporn ; Ich darf allhier nicht hausen. Muss heut noch hundert Meilen Mit dir ins Brautbett eilen.

Und horch!

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Die elf schon angeschlagen. Art thou awake, or sleeping? Art true to me, my own Lenore? Art laughing, or art weeping? Have watched and wept so long for thee — Till flown, I thought, my reason : Whence comest at this season? Rode from Bohemia hither! I started late, long can not wait, And thou must with me thither.

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My charger snorts and paws the ground. Away we must together. Quick, tie thy dress, to horse, away!