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Before he could even stand up though, Gabriel walks up to his table and sits down right across from him. Sam then pensively looked at Gabriel and tried to figure out what he could say to repel the omega. In the end though, he knew that if Gabriel was determined, he would never give up that easily. Too tired to even try and go after Gabriel to protest, Sam decided to leave it be and just head back home to catch up on some sleep. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Comments: 38 Kudos: Bookmarks: 13 Hits: Chapter 1. The usual I presume? Can I get you anything else, alpha? Besides, I made it myself.

Supernatural Seduction System

I want to date you. Post Comment Note: All fields are required. I didn't know this until the end of our conversation where he told me and gave me his card, saying When you come back to town, give me a call. I'll hook you up at my club. So you never know what's going to happen when you talk to the guys. Next up was a pretty sexy On other end of the spectrum there are guys who do not yet have the ability to approach a complete female stranger and have her laughing within a few minutes don't worry if you fall into this second category--I know l used to.

The funny thing is that many of the guys who fall into this category are rich, young, and handsome. For some of these guys the idea of approach a complete female stranger is scarier than swimming in tank full of sharks. For others, they are able to approach women, yet always seem to reap a negative response from them. One thing that is obvious is that looks, money, and success do not solely determine how a woman is going to react to a man when he approaches her.

I think that the majority of what it comes down to is skilI. When l talk about meeting women I am talking about The problem with this scenario is that unless the guy is very skilled at PRIZING, the girl will end up taking the lead, which, as we have learned, is a bad thing because women are attracted to men who take a strong lead, not the other way around.

Put in better words, do things that make women court, pursue, and chase you. If you are thinking to yourself, this all sounds great, but how do I 'actually' get a woman chasing me don't worry because you are in luck showing you the exact steps to getting a woman to chase you is exactly what this book is about. In Robert Green's excellent book, Art of Seduction, he talks about how women find dandy's--men who have a feminine charm--to be irresistible.

I think he is right about this. Now before you guys go out and buy a skirt although this might work glam rockers used to get laid quite a bit doing this , Iet me be more specific. In this chapter we are going to discuss exactly how to do this. But since it was a girl dog, she called it Girl George.

Maybe it got laid a lot because of its celebrity name, I don't know Anyways, my friend decided it was time to get her dog fixed. George's hormones One thing that a girl might tell a guy is, I don't like the way you chew your food it is so nasty how you chew with your mouth open. But at least you are a nice guy who is buying me dinner. Then she might proceed to point out other Some of the best guys I've seen pick-up women Swinggcat , Style, Zan, Craig, Tyler, etc -- they all set the frame where the girl wants them.

They set the frame where THEY decide if the girl is good enough.

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Its a funny little mind game, but one that is incredible to behold. I've discussed the subject of Frames many times with Swinggcat as well. Obviously, Frames is not a new thing in the seduction arena, but the way Swingg lays them out in his book in terms of Frames and MetaFrames is a real eye opener, because it gives you a sense of just how powerful they can be. Famous in the Speed Seduction community, respected by some of the best pick-up artists world wide, but relatively unknown to the general populous, Swinggcat quickly joined the ranks of gurus such as David DeAngelo with the amazing debut of his eBook, Real World Seduction, which took a new look at the way Seduction and Attraction can be accomplished.

Drawing away from posting on mASF, the Speed Seduction List, Cliff's List, and even Mystery's Lounge, Swinggcat has become an enigmatic figure in the seduction community, preferring to let his work speak for itself. Thundercat Laughter Only if I can call you Swingg I think a lot of guys make the mistake of approaching a woman as though she is the prize to be won over.

When you do this, you are effectively giving away any power you have in that interaction, because she has the power to either approve or invalidate you as a potential sex partner. Well, the big news today comes from the Speed Seduction world, where it seems Ross's paranoid streak continues. I talked to In10se on the phone last night, and he sounded pretty down about the whole ordeal.

Luckily, I was able to console him due to my own experience with bearing Ross's wrath, as evidenced here. But such is the danger when you start to think for yourself in the cult of Speed Seduction. For those of you who may not know who In10se is, he's one of the stars of the Speed Seduction world. Back in the day when Ross and Mystery were in a pissing contest on Cliff's List, In10se, along with Swinggcat , were the two student's Ross was willing to put up against Mystery to prove who had the better system of seduction.

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I personally have always enjoyed In10se's posts, I found them very similar to the kind of deep insight Juggler used to post. In10se's stuff Swinggcat I think at the end of the day, it comes down to validation.

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Most guys are picking up girls not for Simply put, I consider this guy to be the master at manipulation. Better than anyone who's in the community. He is really awe inspiring because of the fact that he is so good at manipulating others, you don't even know he's doing it If I had a fraction of the skill this guy has, I'd be getting laid every night of the week.

I mean, I'm a decent guy and I want to treat them well, but they don't want that, he said. They want a guy to treat them like shit. Take an unnamed superstar , for example. She lives with a guy who has a list of people that she's allowed to hang out with - almost none of them are guys - and he constantly tells her what a fuckin' whore she is, how useless she is, etc.

So here I am trying to be the nice guy, and they don't want any of it. Swinggcat And you know, this seduction stuff is great. You're not spending a lot Put in other words, this is how he is allowing the underlying meanings of his behaviours and actions to be defined. Unfortunately, the frames he has set both imply and fit inside her meta-frame that she is the PRIZE, that he is trying to win her over, and etc. This meta-frame is unlikely to lead to this guy getting laid. Someone on the DC list asked a pretty good question about approaching and fear of the approach. They talked about how hard it was to approach women initially in SS.

I think this is a pretty valid point, because the first stage in anyone's development as a seducer or pick-up artists is to learn how to approach girls. The thing is, I've come to discover that when you become too involved in that sort of thing, you tend to stagnate your progress as a seducer and pick-up artist. But why is that If you're constantly getting updated on the latest tricks, tips, and gizmos, how can your game stagnate Simple.

The answer is that 90 of seduction stems from who you are, not what you say. I have not always been into inner game. Like many others, I've tended to overlook this aspect of pick-up and seduction which is odd considering I spent 4 years working on my inner game before I got out into the field hard core. I too wanted the new patterns, new openers, new NEGs, and all the other bells and whistles we use in seduction. But the more I learn and the better I get, the more I start to realize how little this stuff matters, and how important inner game is. But the process of refining your Inner Game can be a long, arduous, and even scary task.

When I first started my work on Inner Game back in , I was Now, I'm not for beating women, and nothing disgusts me more than guys who do that shit. That's like locking up a guy for robbery who writes a book about knocking over Fort Knox, or convicting a guy for rape who writes a book about how to seduce women. After all, the guy didn't really beat any women himself at least, that's not what the charge was. I could see maybe banning the book, but giving the guy jail time That's a bit harsh. It is nice to see the women in the Muslim world getting some help though.

With dooshbags like this guy teaching religious fanatacs that it's okay to physically harm them, they need SOME way to send a message. Though I'd rather they dealt with the subject material rather than the author. Sexual Tension or Chemistry can be sparked, amplified, and dialed up so high that it's almost unreal within just a few minutes sometimes even less. And it can happen with the hottest of the hot girls as long as you're open to it, and you know what to do in order to create it. You must mentally become the gay-marriage child of Obi-Wan and James Bond.

That's the way. Here is an article I wrote a few months back for Cliff's List on approaching women. Its not my best work to date, but it should get you started off in the right direction as far as upping your game to the next level. Obviously, if you can already approach worth a damn, you might very well get nothing from this post, so go back to looking at your An Essay on Approaching Women, by Thundercat When you approach a woman and say Hey baby, lookin' good tonight, you are telegraphing interest in an aggressive manor.

By the same token, when you sheepishly approach and say Hello. May I please buy you a drink you are not only telegraphing interest, but also doing so in a very wimpy way. So when you approach a woman with active disinterest, and you use a neutral opinion opener, you are increasing your chances of engaging the woman, and minimized that probability she will reject you. Most of the techniques on fast-seduction. To my knowledge, he is also the first ever Pick-Up Artist to do live, infield workshops designed to train other men to approach women in bars and clubs.

I met Mystery last year at one of his workshops in LA, where his co-instructor Style the most powerful of the Jedi broke me of my fear of approaching. I've gotten to know Mystery a little bit since then and consider him to be one of the real deals of the seduction community. Recently, Mystery has teamed up with Tyler Durden and Papa to streamline his seduction training business.

I talked to Papa briefly over the holliday and he told me that the Seattle Real Social Dynamics workshop was a success. He invited me to help teach the final Mystery Method Workshop in LA, which should be a huge party, but the dummy's scheduled it for this weekend, and I'm gonna be entertaining the grandparents, so I'm unable to attend. Hopefully, the last MM workshop will go out with a blast. I'm sorry I have to miss this one because I love to see Style work his shit in the field, it really is a learning experience for me when that happens, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Who knows Maybe if I get good enough at this I'll teach a And in some instances, being the nice guy together with using kino can even be quite effective. Here's why the success of kino depends on whether the girl perceives you and your touch as a threat to her or not.

Supernatural Seductions

You can be a rough and tough guy I try to avoid the word jerk as it is not really quite reprsesentative of what the opposite of nice guy actually is and still have the girl feel you are not a threat to her speficically, thus initiating kino will be easy. A nice guy usually just has an easier time having girls feel he is not a threat to them. Usually though, that is also his undoing, as he is consequently perceived as weak, neutral and non-sexual, all of which are major turnoffs for girls.

But here is where the saving grace of kino steps in. You are safe, so touching and hugging with you is well, also safe. However, before she knows it - touching and hugging with you moves from feeling pretty good to quite exciting to really electrifying You go down to fred myer or wal mart department store the next week or so, someplace where you can set up near valentines day wares, gifts, candies etc.

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Approach women near there so the merchandise will remind them of their lonely state. You see, the average Speed Seducer will just blindly memorize the words of a seduction pattern , without understanding what he's doing. And, in many cases this will work. He'll still beat out his untrained competition 9 times out of The purpose of your communication is not to give her and understanding the purpose is to get you a result Speed Seduction works by manipulating and directing unconscious processes, NOT by getting her conscious agreement.

Leave arguing and explaining to your competitors. Speed Seducing is fun If you aren't being directed by a playful attitude, then you aren't doing Speed Seduction. Nice guys usually only get women to experience states of 7. Obviously you have an interest in Speed Seduction or you wouldn't be reading this book. So here comes the real questions 4.

Are you This is a more relaxed atmosphere for seducing women because you are not under time constraints. If you can't get her hotter than hot for you today, you can talk to her again tomorrow. You'll have much better opportunities to get to know her. In addition, if you work or study closely together for an extended period of time chances are that you will become attracted to each other anyway.

A few more US-specific places and times to meet women. Especially upscale places, they cater to a professional crowd. Some VERY nice looking women looking to unwind after work. Also often these places serve as a meeting ground for women having bacheleorette parties. The fact of the matter is, most affairs come from a lack of sexual tension in a marriage -- at least on the woman's part. If a woman wants to keep her husband from having an affair, it's pretty simple -- lots of sex, good cooking, clean house, and don't bitch too much. For a guy to keep a woman from cheating, it's much, much more complicated, because women need to feel passion.

They need to feel attraction. They need that sexual tension between a man and a woman. That's why I think the passage above is so telling. This Steven guy created a lot of sexual tension with this woman, and despite all the reasons NOT to do it, she couldn't wait to fuck him. And the same is true of every girl in a relationship -- if a guy knows how to create that sexual tension, that unbridled passion, any girl and I mean ANY girl will find a way to fuck him.

Us Pick-Up Artists in the community know this is a reality, which is why some balk at the notion of long term committed relationships and marriage, I thought he had some really interesting advice on how to deal with things like that. I'm reposting this here with his permission. Listen If you're a regular at a club and your not friends with the bouncers, that's mistake number 1. Whether people pick on you or not, knowing the bouncers will get you past the line, enable you to get girls in who are waiting outside, and give you massive social proof. Plus, they will watch your back.

This is her current situational context. She may be ready to hook up, she may need to be motivated, she may not be in the mood yet This is also the context of the environment. Where is she right now Is this an atmosphere that's conducive to seduction 3 In the last box, we see what is possible. So I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong, so here it is I was wrong. I'm sure Tyler is quite correct in his representation of himself, and I appologize for saying what I did.

In many ways I'm still learning the dangers of putting all my thoughts on such a public forum. I already learned the negative effects it can garner since I got Kicked and Banned from all of Speed Seduction after speaking out about the sorry state of it's e-mail list. This blunder was especially rough because Tyler is a friend, and I didn't mean to hurt the guy's feelings. In the future I'll have to remember to keep my writings about what I know as opposed to what I hear. Just a quick thought I had after I wrote my post on taboos. I got to thinking about how some of the other seducers and PUAs out there use taboos to pick up women, and I got to thinking about Tyler Durden.

For those of you who don't know, I'm not talking about the Fight Club guy, I'm talking about our favorite little Canadian PUA who's out there teaching workshops to the masses looking to get laid. And it apparently works. Tyler does in fact get laid, and he is very good at picking up women.

But it's all in a club atmosphere, which often helps people to give into their desire to shirk taboos. I'm thinking that once those girls get back to their real lives, however - lives where they are judged by their peers, where they have jobs, etc. That the taboos become reinforced and this causes the girls to lose any attraction they may have had for someone like Tyler.

Now, when I want to get laid, I have a framework of how I want it to happen. There are Sub-communications being communicated on many different levels. Sure Value is one of those levels and of course it is very important to seduction. This means that we all have it hard-wired in us to know naturally what to do to get laid It's just a matter of being able to adjust to today's contexts and situations.

Those who don't get selected out. How to seduce her Give her just a part of what she wants, like a touch of Romance - and mystery. Let her imagine the rest. In this type of woman, for seduction purposes, less is more. Her inner world of fantasy is far richer than what you could create with your words. Talk with her about her ideas of the ideal man, the ideal romance, the ideal relationship.

Open up this world within her, show a few romantic gestures and then make yourself scarce - yet balancing and at the same time acting out that scarceness with romantic gestures that show you're thinking about her. They despise Nice guys and see them as wussies. They confuse meanness with confidence and arrogance with assertiveness. They love to complain to their girlfriends about how badly you mistreat her.

Anyway, I hold fast to my point -- fuck challenges. Now, its true, it may sound like a bitter decry from someone who likes to whine and complain about the difficulty of getting laid. But allow me to clarify. Challenges getting food, shelter, and water are not fun, nor are they conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Same thing with sex. I look at sex much like other vital functions such as breathing, urinating, and taking a shit. It is a necessary human action. Men need to ejaculate. Failure to do so can lead to disease and other medical problems. In fact, when men do not ejaculate, the body finds a way to do so on its own, through the use of wet dreams and such.

The fact of the matter is that there are so many guys out there NOT getting laid, that to tell them they need more challenge is like taking a hammer to their balls. Its a fucking rediculous statement to make, and one that flies in the Now the way you use this is when you have elicited a sexual state, at just the moment where the tension builds, you suddenly change the topic and talk about The weather or some other superficial topic.

After awhile, you bring up the sexual topic again and start to build the state and elicit it within them - and they go in even deeper this time - and at just the moment where the sexual tension feels so hot, you break the state and talk about something superficial like what you did that day. And you repeat and repeat. You can also physically fractionate the seduction. This is where you may touch her leg briefly or sit close to her or touch her in some way - then you just suddenly stop and after awhile you touch her again, this time on areas that are more sensitive like her neck face inner thigh inner arm - then you just stop and on and on.

Fractionation creates a vacuum for a woman to get sucked into. As the fractionation goes on it gets more and more intimate until she is the one that Make her come and pick you up, make her spend some money on you, make her call and do you favors, etc. When she does things for you it will justify her own feelings for you and allow them to grow. See also Attract girls by being busy. Maybe it's the quiet desperation brought about by evil hollidays like Valentine's Day, but for the next 30 days there will be a number of commercial seduction related events on the horizon here if LA-LA land.

Wing with instructors at bars clubs. Learn from field experience and get critiquing on body lanuage, tonality, and execution from the world's best pickup artists. So the bad news is that most of us do not know plastic surgeons that can transform our faces into Brad Pitt's over night. There are some guys who try to make women see them as being the PRIZE by parading their positive assets.

Typical examples of this are guys who brag about what they do for a living and what kind of car they drive. A Bad Boy. A Nice Guy.