The Crucifixion of Christ

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It is little wonder that the Lord required assistance in carrying the beam — Lk.

History, forms, and biblical timeline of Jesus' crucifixion

At the death site, the upright post might have been secured in the ground already, awaiting the attachment of the crossbar Kittel, Vol. VII, pp. The criminal would be made to lie upon the ground, with the crossbeam under his upper back. The arms were then attached by nails.

When people encounter Jesus, everything changes

The feet were nailed also. In the first remains of a crucified man were discovered in Jerusalem. One source has suggested that only one heel was pierced by the nail and that the feet may have straddled the upright beam, with nails affixing the legs to each side of the olivewood post Zias, pp. The Romans were not always uniform in their methods of crucifixion. The actual cause of death was the loss of blood volume and the inability to breathe due to the extension of the body Edwards, p. Jesus lived only 6 hours. It is an amazing thing that the biblical narratives recording the crucifixion of Jesus are so void of emotion.

This is all the more remarkable since the Gospel records were written by those who deeply loved the Savior. But the record is so matter-of-fact. The subdued presentation of the Gospel writers is a subtle evidence that the authors were guided by the Spirit of God in the composition of their records. Then there is the matter of prophecy. My strength is dried up like a potsherd; And my tongue cleaveth to my jaws; And thou hast brought me into the dust of death. For dogs have compassed me: A company of evildoers have inclosed me; They pierced my hands and my feet.

I may count all my bones; They look and stare upon me. This context is doubtless the most comprehensive portion of the biblical record detailing the physical and emotional trauma of the Son of God during the crucifixion ordeal. Moreover, it is an amazing declaration inasmuch as it was penned five centuries prior to the invention of the torturous system. The prophetic details in connection with the crucifixion of Jesus are amazing.

Facts About the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Note the following abbreviated list of prophetic details. His garments would be divided Psa. Though it was common to break the legs of the victim Jn.

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Too, a crucified person normally was not given a burial Horace, Epistle 1. But Jesus, by divine decree, was interred in the tomb of a wealthy Jew Isa. These prophecies are powerful evidence of the divine origin of the Bible. During the first century, the Jews employed four methods of capital punishment — stoning, burning, decapitation, and strangulation Goldin, p.

But Jesus was executed according to Roman procedure. Aside from the political considerations, there were reasons for this. First, Christ had to die in some fashion that involved the shedding of his blood, without which there could be no remission of sins Heb. Since the wages of sin is death Rom.

The crucifixion thus accommodated a method of death consistent with the heavenly plan. All who so choose may take advantage of that wonderful gift Rev. There is a another brief but important point that must be made at this juncture. Paul wrote: "But far be it from me to glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why should such a hideous instrument of shame be transformed into an object of glory by the early Christians? Does anyone wear these emblems as an item of adornment?

5 Facts About the Crucifixion of Jesus

Had Jesus remained dead, the cross would have been forever an object of infamy. The cross, then, becomes a silent witness, an apologetic, for the authenticity of Christianity. The cross was driven into the ground so that the feet of the person were only a foot or two above the ground. The cross was watched by soldiers until the person on the cross died, which sometimes took up to three days John — Jesus Christ was crucified because a group of unbelievers falsely charged Him with sedition against Caesar and blasphemy because He said He was the Son of God.

A purple robe John , a crown of thorns, and other insults were given to Jesus Matt.

The Crucifixion: with scenes from Passion of the Christ

The wicked will pierce the hands and feet of the Messiah, Ps. Christ will go as a lamb to the slaughter, Isa. Jesus foretold his crucifixion, Matt.